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RELENTLESS premiere new track

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Australia’s RELENTLESS have premiered a brand new track called “World I Despise”, of their new full length album “Turn The Curse”, available early next year.


I stand alone
I walk alone into the unknown, on my own
This is not my world I’m gonna tear it down rebuild a better world that feels right to me feels right to me

In my mind is the only place that I hide
I search for the truth in this world this world I despise

Bound by laws and corruption
Politics disregarded youth
What’s left but social decay
Thousands die you look the other way

This world has shown me nothing but hate tried to lock me in so that I can’t escape
Chained and shackled as they dictate my fate
I must break out and choose my own way

I don’t want you to save me
I never wanted this world

No matter what you say, I’ll turn away
Your world not mine

In my mind is the only place I hide
Search for truth in this world I despise

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