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Melodic rock band ANGEL AT MY TABLE exclusive video premiere & interview

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Now that’s werid, huh? IDIOTEQ premiering a pop rock video? You bet! Filmed this March in the Australian Outbacks, the newest music video from Luxembourg’s ANGEL AT MY TABLE is everything what good melodic, sugary rockin’ is all about! Perfect for a car or a bike trip, the new track comes from the band’s debut album “Light”, produced in  Baltimore by Paul Leavitt, who worked with likes of ALL TIME LOW, THE DANGEROUS SUMMER, VERSAEMERGE, CIRCA SURVIVE and many more.

The band has just wrapped up a UK tour and it’s a perfect occasion to give you this well-produced video. Watch it, share it and read an exclusive commentary below. The band’s upcoming dates are listed at the bottom of the page.

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Directed, Edited and Colored by Cedric Letsch

What was the idea/inspiration for this new video and the whole record?

Robin: From a lyrical point of view, a lot of the songs on our record deal with the relationship between two people, whether that is friendly or romantic. For me, personally, they were a way to look back and reflect, a way to digest some of the things I felt, and put some frustrations behind me, you know. For this song, Embers, in particular – when I wrote it I was in a very frustrating place. I’d convinced myself rationally that the relationship made sense, although much later of course I realized I should have followed my gut from the beginning. Obviously at the time it made me feel lost, a bit alone against the world, I guess. So that is kind of what Joelle portrays in the video. I think she did a great job, she’s very expressive. Embers is definitely the song I feel closest to.

Joe: – and musically, it’s the first time we all sat down for days on end, locked ourselves in a room and basically wrote music all day. I think it helped us, because we knew exactly what sound we wanted in the end, and working together with Paul Leavitt just made sense, and he’s a great and gifted guy.


What are the band’s current projects? Tell us more about your current status and plans for the nearest future.

Adriel: For now, we’re still promoting and touring the album as much as we can, which I guess is not always easy as an unsigned band, but we’re going back to the UK in December. That’s definitely something I’m very excited about –

Joelle: Yeah, UK has been very good to us. It’s really cool to see the enthousiasm and the commitment of some of the fans over there. I know I’ll see some familiar faces, for sure (laughs).

Adriel: – we’ll also be releasing other stuff to keep promoting the tour, and I think some of us have started to write new music? So our fans have plenty to look forward to.

What shows do you have lined up for this year? How was your recent tour?

Adriel: For December we’ve got Bristol, London, Manchester, Sheffield, Newcastle, Glasgow and Birmingham coming up.

Joe: I hope we’ll get to play a concert at home, in Luxembourg, again this year as well.

Adriel: Yeah, and the festival season was good fun as well. Our last UK tour was a promising start, so hopefully December will be even better!


Thanks! Got some final words for the people out there?

Jimmy: If you want to support us, come to a show, tell your friends, have fun. We’ll love you for it. Yeah.

Live photo by Cedric Letsch.

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