ANNA’S ANCHOR – a video interview with an alt rock artist Marty Ryan!

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ANNA’S ANCHOR is an Irish based emo/alternative outfit led by Marty Ryan (ex GOING 90), who have recently unveiled an intimate new tune called “Mirabell”, their latest single and music video from their recent split record with UK artist James Carroll called “Crossing Channels” (released digitally and via Progressive People Records and Little L Records). Drawing from acts like INTO IT. OVER IT, CITY AND COLOUR and BRAND NEW, ANNA’S ANCHOR delivered a fine follow up to the “Oak Street” EP released in December 2014, proving that Marty has matured and gained more confidence as an artist. I sat down with him to talk about his motivation, approach to creative work and remaining a fine embodiment of the DIY ethics. Let’s hope this little interview helps him find a wider audience, which he so thoroughly deserves!  I expect a lot more from this smart buddy, so please take a minute and find out more about his cool ideas through the video below.

Marty is going on an amazing adventure with Never Meant Records this Summer! Every weekend in June and July he will be visiting an island off the coast of Ireland, playing a gig, writing a song, then recording and releasing the song every Thursday at during this time. 8 weeks, 8 islands, 8 gigs, 8 songs. How cool is that? Scroll down to learn a lot more.

Questions asked:

1. Hey Marty! How are you mate? Do you already smell spring?

2. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, where you come from, what other projects you’ve been part of, etc.?

3. Looking back at your early youth days, how did music come to be such a major part of your life?

4. Would you be able to mention some influences on your music, whether that would be other musicians or anything else, non-musical perhaps?

5. Ok buddy, so.. You’ve recently released a new split recording with James Carroll. How do you know each other and how did the split project come about?

6. Did he join you on your recent UK/Irish mini tour as well? Tell me more about that tour and how you handle live performances.

7. Any plans to play more European shows later this year?

8. Just to unveil a bit more about your motivating forces, please tell me a little about your motivation to write songs.

9. How do you label your tunes? Are you an emo singer songwriter? An acoustic folk rocker? Let’s reveal some dirty secrets about your own perception of your style.

10. Could you tell us a bit about the positive and negative aspects of being a solo musician? How is it from your perspective?

11. Have you any advice for young singer and songwriters out there?

12. What type of work you would be interested in released in the coming months and years? Tell us more about your plans for the future.

ANNA'S ANCHOR adventure

06/06/15 Bere Island, Co.Cork – O’Sullivan’s Bar
12/06/15 Inis Mór,Co. Galway – Tí Joe Watty’s Bar
19/06/15 Inishturk, Co.Mayo – Inishturk Community Centre
26/06/15 Clare Island, Co.Mayo – Community Centre Bar
03/07/15 Cape Clear, Co.Cork – Club Chléire
11&12/07/15 Inis Óirr, Co.Galway – Óstán Inis Óirr
18/07/15 Inishbofin, Co.Galway – Inishbofin House Hotel
25/07/15 Valentia Island, Co Kerry – The Ring Lyne

ANNA’S ANCHOR official website
[email protected]

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