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ANTAGONIST A.D. hold nothing back on protest song for this generation called “The System Is Racist And Oppressive”

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There are songs that hide message in metaphor or character, and then there are songs like the second single from ANTAGONIST A.D.’s upcoming EP ‘Through Fire’. On ‘The System Is Racist And Oppressive’, vocalist Sam Crocker had to dive deep within the definitions of both himself and the band as a whole. “When writing for these new releases we spent a lot of time talking and philosophising about who we are as a band, what we represent and what we wanted to achieve. A short simple answer became pragmatic – we are a protest band, we have always been that. We have always stood for something and we wanted to express that fervently with our new music, literally scream it from the rooftops. This song is a perfect representation of that. We are an anti-fascist band.”

Crocker has described the upcoming EP as representing “a great flood coming to wash away the survivors of a burnt world. (through fire the first EP). There are women and children drowning and the upper echelon is praying rather than saving them.” ‘The System Is Racist And Oppressive’ cuts to the very core of this flood.

Antagonist A.D.’s ‘All Things’, recorded by Kurt Ballou at GodCity in Salem MA will be released Friday March 26th 2021 with Pre-orders available HERE.

There’s no place for hate…

The band drew in inspiration from every corner of their lives for this collection of EPs, and Crocker knows there is something for everyone to connect with. “I think those that understood what we were doing with Through Fire – a doomy stoner rock song – enjoyed it immensely and appreciated our change of pace. I think anyone who didn’t like it, was just expecting something different – something aggressive, something that makes you want to burn everything to the ground – that’s this song.”

The year of lockdown and isolation has lead to a pragmatism amongst the members of Antagonist A.D., and Crocker is just taking things in his stride. “Fingers crossed we can tour Australia and New Zealand – we have unannounced dates in Europe at the end of the year but who knows if that will happen. Just enjoy each day as it comes, we are not promised tomorrow so let’s do the best with what we have right now.”

Antagonist A.D. celebrate the release of All Things on Friday the 30th of April at Stay Gold in Melbourne.

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