ANTI-ALL – “Delusions Of Defiance” (2012)

ANTI-ALL – “Delusions Of Defiance” (2012)

“Enemies Of The Empire” is the debut full length by ANTI-ALL,  a solo music project by the bassist and vocalist from the South-African street-punk band ANARKOTIX, who turned into folk crust punk.

1. The tribe (intro)
2. Delusions of defiance
3. My kind of army
4. A.v.e.n (interlude)
5. L.g.b.t.q.i.a!
6. Earth defenders
7. Closet prejudice
8. Slut walk
9. The problem with narcotics
10. Dreamer (interlude)
11. Burn out
12. Space warriors (interlude)
13. Off with its head!
14. I don’t believe in boarders
15. Holier than thou (outro)
16. Knocking (cover of an anti-all song, performed here by f.s.d)


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