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APERTURE calls it quits; final dates available

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The band will play 7 last gigs in late November and early December this year.

APERTURE last shows

They commented:

When I started this band with Ste and Depa, I’ve never thought I could get this far. I’m so proud of what we’ve gained in almost 6 years of activity, even if those are little things; we shared the stage with some of our favorite bands like The EffortMore Than LifeLANDSCAPESNine ElevenEvergreen TerraceBILLY THE KIDWe Came Out Like TigersCELESTEA Faded GloryTO THE EMBERS and At Daggers Drawn Breaking Apart RISE AFTER DEFEAT Rise Above Dead @theconsequence Antefatti DESTRAGEWithin Your Pain UPPERCLASS ROYAL BRAVADA @ready to crumbleCOUNTERPARTS CHARLY BONE Heaven Rise DIVERS ON THE MOON Fall Of A Rising Sun Wasted struggle CVLT OF GRACE Continents BROTHERHOOD OF THE LAKE Meet The Storm HAWSER As Prayers Fail When We Were Wolves @CANCERChartise Lasting Traces@REVELATIONS @CORPSE Losing Traces L’ AUTOMADepartures SWAN DIVE LEFT IN RUINS @CROPCIRCLES Less Than Zero More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters @theboring Empty Handed COLLIDE AND DISCORD DOWNSTREAM STILLBORN Step On Memories Bright End My Sleepless Youth @YOUNG BLOOD buMMer threestepstotheocean LAMANTIDE Last Minute To Jaffna VISCERA/// Abaton LOIMANN NOYÉ our buddies in Slander HANNYA Face Your Enemy One Shall Stand and our friends and brothers in Theseekerhc and Olly Nada

We were able to take our music out of Italy and reach the hearts of some people and convey our message; in the course of time we’ve been loved and hated, but we never gave up and we’ve always kept on playing what we like, under various influences but still never changing what was at the root of the music we’ve played. We had the best and the worst times but we always stood up tall, stronger than before. After years of tolerance when all that kept me here was this band, the only sentimental bond, I decided that it is time that I follow my dreams, flying to the other side of the world, in China, to study my biggest passion: kung fu. This would, of necessity, split the band up but I don’t wanna see it as a goodbye, I like to think of it like a hibernation capsule lost in the space, waiting to be opened again, but at the same time we don’t know if this will happen eventually, only the fate can tell.
Here’s some of the last dates where we’ll be playing before our very last show, you’re all invited old and new friends, to say hi and be ready to make some noise!
Thanks for supporting us all these years, thanks for listening to our music, I hope our songs made you feel something.I also would like to thank all my bandmates Stefano, Andrea, Angelo, Demis , brothers and friends who played in this band and every ex-members especially Depa and Filo .
I want to thank every band who shared the stage with us, the venues where we’ve been and the organizers who let us perform on their events.

And a big thank to our great friends Il Mare di Ross and Riten.

thank you.

We’re not so alone after all.


IDIOTEQ x APERTURE interview is available at this location.

IDIOTEQ x APERTURE x IL MARE DI ROSS x RITEN triple interview can be reached at this location.

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