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BILLY THE KID – “Judas” video

2 mins read

Costa Rican straight edge beatdown hardcore punks from BILLY THE KID are back with a new video promoting their new record called “Gorilla”. The short movie is a collaboration between ONI Visuals and Beat Films. Watch and learn some Spanish with the lyrics below.

The band commented:

This record includes a lot of collabos and definitely our favorite production, a short trip to the jungle and our roots and culture, stay tune, release it digitally thru iTunes and hard copy thru Working on Your Career.


Cobarde mereces caer
No me escondo en mi vida solo mírame bien.
No me conoces, no sabes quien soy
Son todos estos años quien juzgan quien soy

Escupir veneno no va funcionar en este lugar
Es fácil juzgar, es fácil decir, es fácil mentir
Cuando la cara no tienes que dar


Estas vendiendo a tu sangre
mi Sangre!

Mis hermanos cubren mi espalda
No me arrepiento de ser quien hoy soy..


Un cuerpo sin espíritu nunca va prevalecer
Un corazón sin valor nunca va comprender
Nuestras vidas son la lucha de batallas sinceras
Somos los que una vez quisiste muertos
Y hoy Prevalecen.

Cobarde mereces caer
No me escondo en mi vida solo mírame bien
No me conoces, no sabes quien soy
Son todos estos años quien juzgan quien soy

Hasta la muerte

Hasta la muerte, mirame bien
Cada vez cuento más enemigos
Hasta la muerte, mirame bien
Son cada vez más las ratas

Hasta la muerte, mira me bien
Son los buitres volando sobre mi
Hasta la muerte, mira me bien

Gorilla Trap feat Huba “DO NOT” & Rayzinni

A that the fi hear Billy the Kid,
all them backstabbing idiots them
the fi correct themselves the fi know themselves, Fire!

Wanna act like I
Talk like I
Walk like I
go around the corner I find out
you talk about the I
red eye pon I while yourself fi analize
Im I divine by design
Bwoi! you can look within yourself
or go around and fantasize
Red eye red eye pan all duty guy
Red eye red I pan the hypocrite type
red eye fire pon all parasite
Red eye the try to stop but we still arise
positive energy we maximize
negative energy we minimize
despite the lies in front of your eyes
the frenemy type we can´t justify

We don’t give a damn, we keep’ trustin’ noone

Is that you again,
where u did you go,
around the corner to talk some more,
joke about me with your friends some more,
all the shit I have that you need some more,
talking shit cutting me up some more,
thinking you deserve so much more,
all the while livin off some more,
you living in the world not no more
Lets talk about reality, cause when you with me,
you wanna be with me,
you wanna roll with me,
be down like me,
have class like me,
have skills like me,
have friends like me,
talk like me,
walk like me,
act like me,
shine like me,
you cant be me,
your just nothing but my enemy!

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
Contact via [email protected]

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