APERTURE / IL MARE DI ROSS / RITEN split streaming in full!

3 amazing screamo / post hardcore bands, 5 catchy songs, that’s what I’ve been waiting for! Italy’s APERTURE, IL MARE DI ROSS and RITEN have made their new split record available online! “Hydra”‘s strong sound is a perfect combination of progressive post-hardcore and melodic hardcore with solid 90s screamo influences. Taste it below!

Here’s the official word:

Hydra is effort, joy, pain, passion. Three bands from different sides of Italy united in one record. We wanna thank all the guys who made this possible: labels, distros, friends (old and new) and a bit ourselves as well.
What we wanted to achieve looked too much for us at first, but in the end we finally did it and we’re so proud!
Enjoy “Hydra”, give it a listen and share if you dig it.

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