APERTURE – “Rakuen” [EP] (2015)

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Love, pain, nostalgia, buried feelings and answers we’ve never had, dreams and hopes, falling to the ground and rising again knowing that we still have to walk in the darkness with no peace and destination. These feelings we carried all these years, that we tried to exorcise through music, an outpouring for those guys that didn’t want to waste their time fooling around the town, but preferred to lock themselves in a room instead, playing and screaming what they felt inside.
Living so much in a boredom so huge that seemed like death, in a country that has nothing to offer.
But every time we went onstage and the lights were off, it was like stabbing that boredom, until we forget every problem; it was like living in another world. For better or for worse we’ve grown up together like a real family with a lot of brothers.

In Japanese, Rakuen means “heaven”, which is what music has been for us in this living hell, Rakuen means ”freeing”. It won’t be a goodbye, since being free is simply about having a place where you can return to, and that place is called Aperture.

I would like to thank all those who have played with us in these years.
Lorenzo Depascalis, Filippo Colombo, Elias Bassani, Elisa Armari, Marcello Radice, Nicolò Laitempergher, Matteo Torres, Andrea Colombo and Graziello. You’ve been great bandmates.
A special thanks goes to Beatrice Birolo, the sixth member of the band for us ‘cause she’s always been by our side. She watched us growing as musicians but also as human beings. She has a deep important meaning for this band, we wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Thanks to Frequenze Studio in Monza, Luca and Pedro, two witnesses of our development and two excellent godfathers, which we recorded our first demo and this last work with. We wanna thank Marbona for “To Live Alone, To Die Alone” and Carletto from Toxic Basement Studio for “Hydra”.

A big thank you to every venue in Italy and Europe for having us and giving us food and drinks. In particular thanks to Ligera, it felt like our second home. A big thank you to Il Mare di Ross and Riten who collaborated with us for the
“Hydra” split and thanks to Francesco Curreli especially: thank you for being a great brother and also a big fan and lending us your voice in “Aokigahara”. Another thanks yo Luwei Xiao who sang in our last track: Requiem (乌鸦).
Thanks to Silvana Oberti, who always helped us when we wrote the lyrics for our songs, and to the dear Margherita Zapf and Milos Rimini for shooting our last video.

Thanks to every band that shared the stage with us all these years: The Effort, More Than Life, LANDSCAPES, Nine Eleven, Evergreen Terrace, BILLY THE KID, We Came Out Like Tigers, CELESTE, A Faded Glory, TO THE EMBERS, and At Daggers Drawn, Breaking Apart, RISE AFTER DEFEAT, Rise Above Dead, theconsequence, Antefatti, DESTRAGE, Within Your Pain, UPPERCLASS, ROYAL BRAVADA, ready to crumble, COUNTERPARTS, CHARLY BONE, Heaven Rise, DIVERS ON THE MOON, Fall Of A Rising Sun, Wasted struggle, CVLT OF GRACE, Continents, BROTHERHOOD OF THE LAKE, Meet The Storm, HAWSER, As Prayers Fail, When We Were Wolves, CANCER, Chartise, Lasting Traces, REVELATIONS, CORPSE, Losing Traces, L’ AUTOMA, Departures, SWAN DIVE, LEFT IN RUINS, CROPCIRCLES, Less Than Zero, More Dangerous Than a Thousand Rioters, theboring, Empty Handed, COLLIDE AND DISCORD, DOWNSTREAM, STILLBORN, Step On Memories, Bright End, My Sleepless Youth, YOUNG BLOOD, buMMer, threestepstotheocean, LAMANTIDE, Last Minute To Jaffna, VISCERA///, Abaton, LOIMANN, NOYÉ, our buddies Slander, HANNYA, Face Your Enemy, One Shall Stand, Seditius, Atoj, Menhyr, Die Trying and our friends and brothers in Theseekerhc and Olly Nada.

Thanks to every friend who always supported us, in Italy and in the rest of the world.

Thanks to all of you.

This is not a goodbye, see you soon.

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