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AS FRIENDS RUST share great new single “Final Form”!

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As Friends Rust, the punk-rock and melodic hardcore veterans, are back with a bang, delivering their latest single “Final Form.” This new track is a unique fusion of punk rock and 80s-inspired vibes, creating a distinct blend of rock, hard rock, and melodic hardcore. The band’s fresh take on these genres has led to a sound that is as compelling as it is innovative.

The song stems from their upcoming album Any Joy, set for release August 18th on End Hits Records (order here). On “Final Form,” emotional hollered hooks rise over layered, intricate guitars creating immense melodies. The video for the song finds vocalist Damien Moyal playing a man struggling with his own morality while fighting against time, and Moyal’s son plays the younger version of the character in the Nathaniel Shannon filmed clip.

Speaking on the lyrics, vocalist Moyal states: “‘Final Form’ is about how one day you wake up and, with no real warning, you’re just not young anymore. The ascent to the top of that proverbial hill is slow and steady. You’re barely aware that there’s a peak at all, and practically oblivious to the impending drop, which is in fact a plummet. I spent so many years living recklessly, and now that I’m finally getting the hang of this thing, the end feels like it’s just around the corner. I want to live, but I can practically smell the casket. It’s kind of lamenting the chance and absurdity of it all. The impermanence. The un-winnable race against time.”

Final Form” exemplifies the band’s signature storytelling, offering a striking reflection on the complexities of modern life. Through their powerful lyrics and irresistible melodies, As Friends Rust not only showcases their musical prowess but also delivers a thoughtful commentary on evolving human relationships in today’s digital age.

Originally established in the late 90s, As Friends Rust has gone through several transformations. However, it’s the ensemble of vocalist Damien Moyal, guitarist Joseph Simmons, guitarist James Glayat, and drummer Timothy Kirkpatrick that are presently crafting poignant melodic punk music for contemporary times. With a formidable discography, including three EPs, two 7 inches, and a full-length album, As Friends Rust has amassed a wealth of musical accomplishment.

Yet, their upcoming release “Any Joy” could arguably be their most impactful to date.

Not every band’s return guarantees a solid new album, but this upcoming record genuinely signals great things to come. Based on the two singles released so far, there’s high hope for a brilliant soundtrack perfect for car rides and cycling through the city. The vibes are super positive.

Despite being dispersed across the United States, the Gainesville, Florida-originated band managed to produce “Any Joy” mostly from their respective homes. The recording process truly was a cross-country endeavor with vocals tracked in Ann Arbor, MI, guitars recorded in Gainesville, FL and Brooklyn, NY, and drums laid down in a Gainesville studio by John Howard.

The absence of a permanent bassist led the band to invite their friend Andrew Seward, known for his stint with Against Me!, to contribute bass lines for most of the album. Simmons also added a few bass parts. After the initial recording, the album was mixed by James Paul Wisner in Orlando, FL, and later mastered by Matthias Lohmöller in Germany. This highly collaborative and international effort has led to a striking creation.

As Friends Rust

This disparate method of recording allowed As Friends Rust the flexibility to experiment more with their sound. As a result, “Final Form” and the rest of the songs on “Any Joy” encapsulate a more refined, direct, confrontational, and catchy sound. Yet, they maintain their fidelity to the band’s melodic punk and hardcore roots, proving that even while evolving, As Friends Rust never lose their distinctive essence.

This latest single is an exciting preview of what the band’s fans can expect from their forthcoming album. If “Final Form” is any indication, listeners can look forward to an enthralling mix of punk rock, seasoned with 80s vibes, and a generous helping of hard rock and melodic hardcore. It’s an original take on the genre, proving once again that As Friends Rust is an essential voice in the contemporary punk rock scene.

Tour Dates:

with Don’t Sleep:

Sept 29 – Germany Schweinfurt Alter Stattbahnhof
Oct 1 – Germany Leipzig Conne Island
Oct 2 – Belgium Antwer Kavka
Oct 3 – UK London Boston Music Room
Oct 4 – Germany Wiesbaden Schlachthof
Oct 5 – Germany Köln Gebäude 9
Oct 6- Germany München Hansa 39

Oct 28 – Gainesville, FL @ The Fest
Nov 18 – Brooklyn, NY @ Saint Vitus

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