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Recalling: FOXTAILS’ blend of emotive post hardcore and screamo on “Violeta”

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The year 2023 is undoubtedly a blessing for fans of screamo and post-hardcore music. Among the numerous remarkable releases gracing the genre, Foxtails” “Violeta,” originally released in May 2022, stands out and deserves special attention now that it has finally arrived on Spotify.

Violeta” is an emotionally charged sonic journey that masterfully combines sorrowful ambiance with passionate intensity. The song is led by a violent melody that perfectly captures its grief-stricken atmosphere. The raw emotionality of the lyrics and the performance creates a deeply touching listening experience. The lyrics are a poignant portrayal of the internal turmoil and despair that’s often the impetus for such intense artistry:

“Pushed over the edge
Time and time again
Fragmented remains
No one left to blame…”

Notably, the song’s impact goes beyond the musical realm. The band announced that 100% of the proceeds made from “Violeta” were donated to Trans Lifeline, a trans-led organization providing much-needed support and resources to the trans community.

In a world often overwhelmed with pessimism and melancholy, “Violeta” manages to channel these feelings into a passionate and somber musical expression while serving a noble cause. This balance of emotional transparency and philanthropy makes “Violeta” not just a song, but a testament to the power of music as a tool for change.


So, for those who revel in the intensity of post-hardcore and screamo, “Violeta” by Foxtails is a track that demands your attention. You can stream it on Spotify and contribute to a worthy cause while indulging in its fervor.

Also, check out the band’s 2022 performance over at Audiotree:

Foxtails’ 2022 albumFawn” ended up on many ‘best records of the year’ lists last year. Coming up as an innovative blend of free jazz, folk, Latin, and math rock, mixed by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing Damage studio, this amalgamation of diverse genres reflected the band’s multifaceted musical and cultural backgrounds, resulting in an album that’s best described as the sound of catharsis.

It’s an audible journey of healing and liberation through music, one that’s certainly worth embarking on.

The acclaimed album has garnered widespread praise for its creativity and fearless genre-pushing. As Brooklyn Vegan points out, Foxtails has always managed to stand out, but with “FAWN”, they’ve pushed their genre to new heights. This sentiment is echoed by Paste Magazine, which lauds the band’s ability to blend elements of post-rock, screamo, post-hardcore, math rock, and jazz to devastating effect.

The band’s ability to shift vocal performances from nervous rambling to cathartic screaming sessions further complements the album’s instrumental versatility. “FAWN” is a series of poetically vague, deeply personal, intimate, and visceral expressions, questioning the whys while pushing forward.

As brutal and devastating as it can be, it offers a sense of inspiration and extends a hand of solidarity to those who can relate.

Be sure to give it a spin if you somehow missed it last year.


Karol Kamiński

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