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The evocative odyssey of DREAMWELL – listen to “Obelisk of Hands”

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When the primal echoes of classic screamo converge with the intricate narratives of posthardcore, it weaves a sonorous fabric uniquely emblematic of Dreamwell. This autumn, the ensemble’s keenly anticipated sophomore album, ‘In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You‘, journeys through these familiar yet uncharted territories. Scheduled for release on October 20, 2023, the album heralds the band’s striking debut under the esteemed Prosthetic Records banner.

Hailing from Providence, RI, Dreamwell’s ensemble boasts a diverse and seasoned repertoire. The resonant vocals of Keziah Staska, interspersed with the stimulating guitars of Ryan Couitt and Aki McCullough, unfurl a soundscape that is both tumultuous and touching. Justin Soares‘ bass lines hum beneath the surface, laying a firm foundation, while Anthony Montalbano‘s drums carve rhythmic pathways across the sonic terrain.


A noteworthy track from the upcoming album, ‘Obelisk of Hands‘ stands testament to Dreamwell’s dexterity in straddling chaos and catharsis. As its frenzied screamo rhythms intertwine with moments of post-hardcore introspection, a unique, emotional experience unfurls, inciting an irresistible compulsion to replay and relive.

The deftness of Dreamwell is mirrored by a collective of esteemed collaborators who enhance the album’s complex ambiance. Additional vocals by Nick Holland and Logan St. Germain add depth to the auditory panorama. The haunting saxophone interlude on ‘I Dream’t of a Room of Clouds’ by Javi at The Bridge Sound & Stage, and the vibrant tambourine beats by Jeff Lyszczarz on ‘Blighttown Type Beat’, further complement the band’s spectrum of sounds.


Enshrining the album’s vibrant ethos in visual form is the evocative artistry of Helvetica Blanc, whose original artwork adorns the record. This visual tapestry is further refined by Jared Shute’s discerning design and layout.

A steadfast journey since 2016, Dreamwell has stood at the intersections of screamo and post-hardcore, reshaping and refining the genre boundaries. Weekend after weekend, their rustic farmhouse outside Providence, RI, resonates with innovative sonic amalgamations, shaping a unique blend that pushes the limits of screamo.


Their voyage through the Northeastern US, sharing stages with the likes of Birds in Row, Shizune, Portrayal of Guilt, Take One Car, Listener, ‘68, and Struckout, has only honed their craft, fostering a distinctive voice that now reverberates with renewed vigour in ‘In My Saddest Dreams, I Am Beside You‘.

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