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Athens crusty deathgrind mammoth SINTRIMMIA unleashes “Repulsive Inexpression”

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Behold the mighty Sintrimmia (Συντρίμμια), a three-piece deathgrind/crust band hailing from Athens, Greece, with members plucked from the ranks of Slavebreed, Kvadrat, Vile Species and Fuckfucknono.

With an incendiary and explosive character, this three-piece deathgrind/crust band draws upon the unbridled, raw energy of grindcore, melding it with a kaleidoscopic array of extreme metal and punk sounds to create a unique and captivating musical experience.

Their debut album “Repulsive Inexpression” is a raucous auditory protest against the injustice, repression, discrimination, and hollow lifestyles that plague our rotten societies, and our egos that bask in the spotlight of our attention. Phew, what a wild ride.

Having been lurking in the Athenean underground since their formation in 2015, Συντρίμμια is now ready to burst forth in all their glory.

This 17-track, 23-minute long masterpiece of sonic brutality, recorded at Feedback Sound Studio, is set to be unleashed on May 5th, 2023 via Sintrimmia and Esagoya Records in CD and digital formats. The album promises to capture all the raw energy and inspiration that the band has experienced, marking the end of an era and the dawn of a new one.

The band’s lineup is as follows: Thanos (Slavebreed) on bass, Ivan (Kvadrat) on guitar and vocals, and Dionisis (Vile Species) on drums.

The mixing, mastering, artwork, and logo for “Repulsive Inexpression” were all expertly handled by Ivan (Lethargos visuals/Kvadrat), ensuring that this release is a must-have for fans of extreme metal and grindcore.

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