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Atlanta’s CRIMINAL INSTINCT premiere new songs; tease new LP!

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After 7 years of shredding it, ferocious hardcore pack CRIMINAL INSTINCT  are finally about to drop their debut full length called Terrible Things. The band has teamed up with Closed Casket Activities for a November 8th release, but today they have dropped a jaw-dropping teaser of 2 heavy jams to give you an idea what’s coming up. Scary.

The Atlanta band Criminal Instinct make fast, raw, almost comically aggressive hardcore punk. Their music goes all the way over the top in its sheer mouth-frothing pummel. Gang-chant choruses! Juddering riffs! A singer who sounds like he’s delivering beatdown threats in an unfamiliar Eastern European language even though he’s clearly singing in English! One-minute songs! Quiet parts that suddenly erupt into visceral jackhammer attacks! It’s all here! / Stereogum

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