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Atmospheric alt rockers BLOODMOON premiere new single and music video “Creature”

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Get ready to immerse yourself in the melancholic and atmospheric alt rock from Blackpool’s bloodmoon, through their new single ‘Creature’, premiering today, along with its accompanying music video.

The song showcases the band’s emotive and melodic alt rock sound, which has been influenced by the likes of Citizen, Basement and Deftones.

Guitarist Ash Betton revealed that this is the band’s first track with Connor on vocals and that they are extremely excited about its different sound, which still encapsulates their overall style. So, get ready to hit play and let ‘Creature‘ take you on a journey through the dark and introspective world of bloodmoon.

“Everything we’ve put out before kind of felt like we were trying to figure out what direction we wanted to go in, but with this new line up and new material, we definitely feel like we are getting closer to coming into our own.”


As their first release since guitarist (now vocalist), Connor Buchan, switched duties, ‘Creature’ sees bloodmoon dropping the tempo, in a dynamic shift that creates space for the band to explore a more ethereal and ambient side of their sound.

On the meaning behind ‘Creature’, vocalist Connor Buchan said: “Creature is a song about people seeking help, refusing the help and crawling back into their hole and blaming everyone else, the repetitive cycle and moving on from these environments.”

“We tried to capture the repetitive cycle within the music starting and ending the song with that same guitar part, so in theory the song could almost be looped. It touches on personal experiences that we’ve all dealt with within the band whether it’s friends, family or relationships.”

With more new music in the works, bloodmoon are currently writing their debut EP, continuing to push their sound with what is promised to be their heaviest and most melodic material yet.


Have you lost your way?
Was the grass greener on the other side?
You’re swimming in deep water and I can’t save you
‘Cause honestly this jealousy, I think we need some room to breathe
No apologies, you’re draining all my energy
Eyes wide open, can barely see

You’re a creature of habit, somebody break the cycle

How did you sink so low?
Bit off more than you could chew and now the world has spat you out
and you’re left alone, with no clues
Oh woe is me, predictable in masking your disease
Distasteful things have been spoken tonight
Are you feeling alright?

You’re a creature of habit, someone break the cycle

I wish you the best of luck ’cause I can’t do this anymore
I’m scared of losing it all
Onwards and upwards they say
Clouded judgment masked those sunny days
I’ll make the rain go away

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