ATREYU teasing something…

Melodic post hardcore / emocore / metalcore band ATREYUhave posted a video teasing their comeback after 3 years of hiatus. Guys, please bring back that sweet atmosphere of “Ain’t Love Grand”! :) Well, to be honest, I guess this won’t happen. But hey! Every cloud has a silver lining – the band announced that they hope to return to a sound more reminiscent of their second LP called “The Curse”. Stay tuned for more details!

The band’s vocalist Alex Varkatzas has been recently involved in I AM WAR, a new project featuring Brandan Schieppati of BLEEDING THROUGH, while Brandon Saller’s (drums/vocals) took some more time with HELL OR HIGHWATER. Travis Miguel is also a member of FAKE FIGURES and now is the lead guitarist in TRAPT!

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