Australian heavy hardcore band RUST PROOF interviewed!

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5 months after the release of their debut full length offering “Civil Treason” (10-54 Records, Beatdown Hardwear, Wolfpack Records, CoreTex Records, Filled With Hate Records), Chris “Choppaz” Brayshaw of Melbourne hardcore heavyweigts from RUST PROOF (est. 2013) joins us here on IDIOTEQ to talk about… the weather :), the band and Australian hardcore. Read more about the band below and scroll down to see the full interview.

“Civil Treason” by RUST PROOF is a powerful, aggressive mixture of various styles and pure anger, served by a pack of veterans willing to take you through their understanding of hardcore and metal hybrid. The stylistic differences between their tracks keeps monotony to a minimum while still maintaining bold hardcore aggression,

Rust Proof surged to life in 2013 and within a short time their inaugural live and recorded offerings established them at the point of the world of heavy. Coming from several different hardcore and metal incarnations from the last decade, Rust Proof proved to be a perfect amalgamation of force that delivers a unique taste of wrecking ball riffage.

From a subtle extraction of influences came vicious results neatly defined in the Rust Proof machine. Through 2014 while touring their debut self-titled EP they showcased an unparalleled, crushing sound for fans around Australia and supported legendary hardcore bands like Slapshot and Toe to Toe.

Working in conjunction with 1054 Records and their extended family of hardcore and metal acts Rust Proof quickly brought a renewed zeal to their dominion, laying the groundwork for their greatest assault.

This incursion came in the form of Rust Proof’s first full length offering ‘Civil Treason’ released November 2015. The new tracks epitomized a slaughtering style, tight, unrelenting and virulent. A product of the evolution of Rust Proof, ‘Civil Treason’ delivers explosive hardcore tracks with a facet of metal impact. The album is full of lyrical declarations cast to the tune of a revolution, thematically full of a largess that commands fists in the air and a chorus of affinity.

Worldwide the album has received remarkable support from institutions like Core Tex in Europe, H.C.W.W, Rest Assured Zine and Between the Lines Zine. ‘Civil Treason’ is set to be a defining release for the band.

After the time spent immersed in the creation of ‘Civil Treason’ Rust Proof took the matured sound and songwriting that became the new record to the stage. Having elevated all aspects of the band, both creatively and technically they lined up in the last six months with international act the Cancer Bats as well as Australian metalcore kings Confession on their farewell tour.

2016 brings plans for the band to continue to escalate their exposure overseas, primarily in South America, teaming up with hardcore giants Worst from Sao Paulo for a four track split release then later heading to the continent for their first international foray. Firstly however the new year will see Rust Proof playing Melbourne over the next few months then hitting the road around Australia again in April for a ‘Civil Treason’ release tour, delivering the proof.

Hi buddy! What’s up? How’s Melbourne doing? I would give a lot to switch to the southern hemisphere and warm up a bit. How does it feel to live in a place where there is no snow, maybe except in certain mountain regions? :)

Hey Mate good to chat with you. Melbourne’s great we take it for granted here when in comparison to other parts of the world but as for the rest of Australia we have the worst weather. 4 seasons in one day we have here but all in all it’s pretty good. It’s a pretty good place to live if you’re willing to work the opportunity is here unlike other countries.

How does it affect your local music scene and how thriving is the backyard and DIY show ‘industry’ in your area then? Do you travel a lot and have some comparison with other places outside Australia?

Weather doesn’t impact our scene at all. Most shows we play are DIY we have great venues here and they are easy to deal with so not much backyard playing. I’m sure the kids still do but very rarely will you see established bands playing outside of a legitimate venues. Backyard shows were more prominent in the 90’s. The country is so big but with very low population so it’s not like Europe where you can play heaps of shows in one area you have to travel long distances to play and usually in major cities not so much small towns.


Do you think certain locations can affect records? How did your closest neighborhood shape the sound of your full length?

100% I believe that. I think that happens with everyone especially Australia. You can tell where a band comes from here usually by listening to them. Our sound is very much a Melbourne sound or style you could say similar to the New York sound. If you go back through the years most bands that come out of Melbourne hardcore are similar. I think being from Melbourne there is a certain level of aggression grit and polish similar to the city.

What, in your opinion, is the current state of Australian hardcore scene? How does Melbourne compare to other cities and where would you like to see its local scene go?

Current state is really healthy. There are a lot of bands a lot of people involved in the scene. I don’t think it will die anytime soon and I can only see it getting stronger. Melbourne compare to other cities well it doesn’t it’s the best hahaha

You’re still in ‘support’ mode for your latest album “Civil Treason”, released in November 2015 via your own 1054 Records. Are you still pushing it through other labels into different countries and foreign hardcore scenes?

Yeh we are just about to hit the road for a run of shows in Australia. As for overseas we distro all our products through labels there so it is readily available everywhere. We get so much help from a lot of dedicated people all over the world it is humbling to see how far people push us without even knowing us we appreciate it.


How did you come up with the idea of hitting Southern America and teaming up with the boys from WORST? When can we expect the split and what’s your touring schedule?

My partner in crime Peter has been pushing this band on me for a while and I really liked them. They want to come here so we approached them regarding a split and they were totally up for it. The idea is to branch our bands the world over our other boys CROWNED KINGS just got off a European tour with SICK OF IT ALL and are looking to go back so we thought we would take on South America. Through each band we are trying to make Melbourne Hardcore be heard while also bringing the truth about South America to our world through the boys in Worst. It’s not all bikinis and beaches. Do yourself a favor and get onto Worst if you not already they are brutal and honest about the reality of where they come from. Both bands are taking this split very seriously and the concept is taking shape. It won’t be a case of two bands throwing b side tracks on for fun there is a serious msg to be heard. We are going for a July release but more details will follow later and we will be looking to head over 2017.

Any plans to hit European shores sometime soon?

Not at this stage but never say never if something comes up we will go.

Do you already have some candidates for the follow-up record to “Civil Treason”? How many new track do you keep locked in your secret stash?

We always have tracks up our sleeve but most get thrown away. Everything we had went into the split with worst but we are always writing to me it’s the best part of being in a band seeing what is next.


Ok man, what’s the most important piece of advice you’d give to a young hardcore band that’s afraid of hitting the road, reaching out to new audiences directly and hit the road internationally?

Be prepared to hate it. Be prepared to love it. But in the end do it because you want to do it and do whatever you want don’t get stuck in a mold. Always try and break new ground.

Thanks so much for the interview! Feel free to add you last words and take care!

My pleasure. To the Hardcore & Metal family all over the world your support means everything. Seeing that kid a million miles from us send us a msg saying he loves the record means so much. We love this shit and we are glad to apart of the worldwide scene. Look after yourselves especially people not as fortunate as us. Peace.

Choppaz / Rust Proof & 10054 Records



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