BLIND GIRLS by Lahnny Star
BLIND GIRLS by Lahnny Star
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Australian screamo act BLIND GIRLS teasing new album “An Exit Exists”, loads of shows coming up

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From the beaches of Gold Coast, Australia, Blind Girls deliver a version of screamo that goes for the throat, ripping forth with crisis-level urgency. Where some bands in the genre get lost in meandering instrumentals or histrionic singing, Blind Girls stay focused and keep the momentum hurricane-strong. Rarely crossing the 2-minute mark, their songs are designed for maximum impact; they dispatch their chaotic, cathartic hardcore in short bursts.

An Exit Exists will be released digitally July 5th with vinyl and cassette formats to follow. In addition to Persistent Vision Records’ release, exclusive vinyl variants will be available from Touché Amoré vocalist Jeremy Bolm’s label, Secret Voice, and Australian label Life Lair Regret.

At the forefront is vocalist Sharni Brouwer. Exploring personal traumas through her lyrics, Brouwer’s shrill, soulful screams are quite literally hair-raising. She states: “An Exit Exists was written during and after two separate instances dealing with abuse from those I loved. Each song is a reflection on the emotions and process I went through, from realization, feeling trapped, guilt, defeat, acceptance, and eventually finding a safe way out.”

Concise and intentional as they are, Blind Girls’ songs are by no means one-dimensional.

Contained within the twelve tracks on An Exit Exists are rollercoasters of sound and feeling, from vicious breakdowns to melodic lulls. The interweaving strings of guitarists Julian Currie and Luke Sweeney and bassist Mark Grant build towering waves of tension, whilst drummer Ben Smith blasts out highly frenetic beats. Recorded by Brock Weston and mixed and mastered by Rollie Ulug, the production is rich and clear throughout.

Describing the new album, bassist Mark Grant states: “It’s our best yet. It’s the Blind Girls sound, but expanded and pushed. This new album has some of our most abrasive songs and some of our most melodic songs.” Broadly speaking, reference points include screamo legends Pageninetynine, mathcore kings Botch, and newer bands such as Heavenly Blue with whom Blind Girls will be touring the US this summer.

One factor distinguishing An Exit Exists from previous work is guitarist Luke Sweeney; the new album is the first to feature Sweeney as a full-fledged, contributing member from the very start of the writing process. “It has been exciting to release something that the five of us have worked on completely together,” says Grant. “Luke has brought a freshness to the band with his guitar style and songwriting. I am really proud of how Julian and Luke’s guitars play together on this record.”

Blind Girls have been working toward An Exit Exists for a decade now.

The album follows two LPs (released on Zegema Beach Records), three EPs, and one split. The band has toured Australia with such bands as La Dispute and Militarie Gun, on top of numerous tours of the US, Canada, and Japan. “We’ve played with metal bands, shoegaze bands, we’ve played on hardcore fests, noise shows, a rap show with Lil Ugly Mane,” declares Grant. “We still play small DIY spaces to 50 or 100 people but recently have played 1,000-2,000 cap venues. All that matters is, if the crowd has energy then it feels right.”

US crowds will have ample opportunities to bring their energy to Blind Girls shows this summer. In addition to the upcoming dates with Heavenly Blue, the US tour sees the quintet share stages with a slew of other stellar bands, including Frail Body, Lagrimas, Quiet Fear, Raein, Saetia, and more.

June 28 – Southport, AUS @ Vinnie’s Dive (w/ Militarie Gun)
June 30 – Brisbane, AUS @ The Outpost (w/ Militarie Gun)
July 5 – Seattle, WA @ Black Lodge (w/ Great Falls)
July 6 – Portland, OR @ Star Theatre (w/ Saetia)
July 7 – Berkeley, CA @ 924 Gilman Street (w/ Clay Birds)
July 8 – Sacramento, CA @ DNL Studios (w/ Ostraca, Nuvoluscura)
July 9 – Bakersfield, CA @ 415 BKFD (w/ Frail Body)
July 10 – Los Angeles, CA @ Coyote Studios (w/ Kiowa)
July 11 – Pomona, CA @ The Haven (w/ Quiet Fear)
July 12 – San Diego, CA @ Che Cafe (w/ Lagrimas, Ostraca, Nuvoluscura)
July 13 – Los Angeles, CA @ Bad Dogg
July 14 – Phoenix, AZ @ Ground Zero Studios
July 16 – Albuquerque, NM @ Rens Den
July 17 – Oklahoma, OK @ The Sanctuary
July 18 – Denton, TX @ Andys Bar (w/ Bullets Between Tongues)
July 19 – Austin, TX @ Empire (w/ Bullets Between Tongues)
July 20 – San Marcos, TX @ Private Park (w/ Bullets Between Tongues)
July 21 – Houston, TX @ 1810 Ojeman (w/ Bullets Between Tongues)
July 22 – Richmond, VA @ Cobra Cabana (w/ Heavenly Blue)
July 23 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kensington Palace (w/ Heavenly Blue)
July 24 – Washington, DC @ TBA (w/ Heavenly Blue)
July 25 – Baltimore, MD @ Metro Gallery (w/ Heavenly Blue)
July 26 – New Brunswick, NJ @ Cinco De Mayo (w/ Heavenly Blue)
July 27 – Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds (w/ Heavenly Blue)
July 28 – Providence, RI @ AS220 (w/ Heavenly Blue)
July 29 – Boston, MA @ Coco’s Club House (w/ Heavenly Blue)
July 30 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Roboto (w/ Heavenly Blue)
July 31 – Detroit, MI @ Secret Show (w/ Heavenly Blue)
August 1 – Waterloo, ON @ Maxwells (w/ Heavenly Blue)
August 3 – Toronto, ON @ New Friends Fest (w/ Raein, Glassing)

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