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Australia’s BLOOM PARADE marry melodic harmonies, emotive synthesizers, alt rock and a focus on evocative lyricism in a great enw song Yours & Mine

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The first release by the band in some time, “Yours & Mine’” is a song written about regret, longing and realisation that builds on the dreamy sounds established on their previous EP. Originally penned in 2019 before being set aside while the band went through lineup changes and focused on putting their next release together, “Yours & Mine” sets the stage for the band’s return and teases what’s in store for the rest of 2021.

Bloom Parade is the Brisbane based collaborative project of Mitchell Manz (vocals, guitar),Chris Hill (bass), Al Gakuru (drums), and making their debut with the band, Dayna Gilmore (synth, vocals), and Dave Parker (guitar). Marrying melodic harmonies, emotive synthesizers, alternative rock and a focus on evocative lyricism to create a sound that is both unique and nostalgic; the band writes a love letter to their post-punk, alternative and dream pop influences. Since releasing their debut EP “Sunblushed” in 2018, Bloom Parade have continually evolved and developed their work – with plans to release their sophomore EP in 2021.

To launch the release of the new single, the band will be playing a show at O’Skulligans in Brisbane on Friday July 9, with support from Moon Saloon and Danmark. Tickets are limited and available now here.

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