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AUTHOR & PUNISHER debut “Flesh Ants”

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American Aftermath have just posted an in-depth interview with Tristan Shone, the man behind nightmarish electronic/doom mindfuck AUTHOR & PUNISHER. The site is also hosting an exclusive stream of “Flesh Ants,” a brand-new song off the project’s forthcoming Seventh Rule Recordings debut. Ursus Americanus is due out as digipack CD on April 24, 2012, and will be unleashed upon the public via a West Coast tour (dates to be announced soon!). .

Read the interview with A&P here.

AUTHOR & PUNISHER can be described most succinctly as “industrial doom,” but of course, is much than a mere genre tag. This one-man project utilizes primarily custom designed and fabricated machines and speakers, devices that draw heavily on aspects of industrial automation and robotics and focus upon the eroticism of interaction with machine. The machines are designed to require significant force from the performer, aligning he or she with the plodding doom influenced sounds that are created – “Like Godflesh meets The Bug meets Flying Lotus,” according to MSN Metal’s Adrien Begrand.

AUTHOR & PUNISHER has performed with and shown these machines extensively at festivals and exhibitions in the United States and abroad, and has more live actions planned for 2012.

Watch Shone work via Decibel Magazine’s website:

Wired feature on Shone’s machines:

2007 – WARCRY


“An ultra-intense blast of industrial metal performed by enslaved heavy machinery, and at it’s most intense, sounds like a symphony of hellish steel presses and tank-tread drum machine rhythms…” -Crucial Blast

“Shone wisely uses electronics to not only add melody, but just as often, to provide warped discordance. What makes this style work is the artist’s ability to convey that to the listener a sense of mechanical manifestations of psychological wildfires, and contrast the cold and clinical aesthetic of the instrumentation with a bitter, passionate voice; and Shone’s delivery is confident, intense, and impressive” – Metal Review

“..If you’ve ever wondered what it must be like to inhabit the deepest depths of Hell—the underworld’s boiler room, where pedophile priests shovel serial killer brains into the burner to keep Hell’s gears moving at a steady pace—then listen to Drone Machines.” San Diego Citybeat

San Diego Citybeat review of “Drone Machines” LP, 2010.

“The music becomes more than a chunk of industrial metal, it becomes a heaving metallic monster MADE from industrial metal, the various gears and servos emitting strange buzzes and whirrs, its thunderous footsteps the booming beat, the speaker rattling low end it’s guttural growl, and the howling vox, the man that commands this beast, and instructs it to do his bidding, a futuristic steampunk, post industrial robotic doom metal dirge, that we just can’t get enough of!” – Aquarius Records

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