BACK TO BACK RECORDS interviewed by How The Gods Chill blog

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BACK TO BACK RECORDS‘ Neil Patel recently did a chat with HOW THE GODS CHILL blog.

When I first heard that my friends Neil and Ned were starting a record label I didn’t see the point and wasn’t sure it would last. “There’s too many damn labels as it is”, I thought. What I forgot to factor into the equation was the fact that these 2 kids really care about hardcore and have a better understanding and appreciation for it than 99% of these yokels trying to milk a buck out of HC’s shriveled and aged teet. After I saw tons of Back To Back shirts being repped from Belgium to Tokyo, the proof was in the pudding. This label is needed(and loved). Besides doing a great job with his label Neil is a really great friend, an interesting person and one of the only other coremen who can come to a show rocking a snow beach hoodie. I thought I’d drop him a few questions and give everyone a look into one of the minds behind hc’s coolest new label.

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Back To Back


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