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BANE premieres “Final Backward Glance” video!

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BANE, one of the most imporant hardcore punk bands in the last 15 years, has teamed up with Ampya magazine to premiere a new video for the track “Final Backward Glance”, coming from their upcoming farewell album “Don’t Wait Up”, featuring all kinds of amazing guests including Pat Flynn of HAVE HEART, David Wood from DOWN TO NOTHING or Walter Delgado of ROTTING OUT!

Unfortunately, the video (available at this location) is not available in many countries outside Germany. Are you a lucky one? How was it? :)


Bummer, huh? Well, I’m sure the band will make it available on YouTube asap. We have no other option but to wait and imagine how cool it is. Stay tuned for the real, international stream very soon! Meanwhile, head over here to check out their previous reports inclufing a bunch of cool older videos.

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