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BANE streaming their farewell album in full!

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After premiering their new music video and serving us a bunch of exciting news in a couple of past weeks, Massachussetts hardcore punks from BANE are saying one last Goodbye to their friends, family and, most of all, worldwide followers.The band has teamed up with Alternative Press magazine to unveil the full sream of their final album called “Don’t Wait Up”! Well, don’t wait up them and dive into one of the most exciting releases of the year! Enjoy!




stopped keeping score
like you keep score
it finally does not mean shit to me anymore
i crumple it up
throw it away
it’s just a way to keep track of how well my hands are played

what i want i’ve always found a way to have
got past “no” a long fucking time ago
the only thing that i can’t buy more of is time
how could i believe that the hour glass would ever get this thin?

i never listened
i should have listened
But i will fill what is left of my days
with the the things that i love the most
what i hate gets pushed to the side of my plate
when i ride you know that those trumpets play

i’ve never known a bliss like this

i’ll burn this whole place down
roll right out of this fucking town
before i become the things that i despise


they will try to take this from you

nothing that i can say will get you to listen
nor should it
it’s what makes youth so blissful
i did not wanna hear it either
but maybe just a warning?
and you can keep your eyes peeled for the signs
you will know them because it’ll be an adult
talking about your youth
while speaking in absolutes

they’ll tell you that you’re gonna level off too
that nothing stays all dreamy and breathless and bursting at the seems

does growing old mean growing strong enough
to kill you sentimental side
and set free all those little butterflies
from the cage that housed your beating heart?
i’d rather die than see them go
can’t wipe these pretty songs from my eyes

what broke and made you look up at the stars in the sky
and see only the stars
and the sky?

poison words prey on love-sick minds
sometimes i feel that they don’t even know they’re telling lies


i’ve tried to hold what i can
you should see these scars that are on my hands

letting go is never easy to do
everyday’s a new door that we all must go through
i’ve learned so much, you’re never gone, my friend.
i know we’ll meet the same shining end.

forget the who, the what, the when, the where, the why
did you love something with all of your might?

sometimes it’s death that sets us free
to ask for more, well it feels obscene

but what we had we will always have
i’m not afraid because I know that it was pure
and stands forevermore.

forget the who, the what, the when, the where, the why
deep down inside i know i tried
did you love something with all of your might?

what’s done is done the night takes everyone

as the shadows fall over town
and the sun sinks in the sea
all the wonder of what will wait
is a whirlwind in me
is the grass under the moon
still growing and green?
when the sky begins to fall
will love stand by me?
are our fathers forever still?
will our mothers only weep?
does the dream of yesterday
come true from a prayer on our knees?

you told me to “give everything” and now you’re tired?
then let’s get loud and go out with open fire
or make it intimate, hold you close with piano wire
i’ll get so ugly that you’ll see the best of you that i’ve admired

as you lose your breath
(but the shadow still remains)
i fucking hate that it hurts
(but the shadow will remain)
i’ll shake these walls with your name
(but the shadow will remain)
give you the loudest fucking echo
(but the shadow will remain)

don’t grieve for your own end before you have finished it
i’m only heading to the ground
i’d rather feel rage than apathy
you know that it breaks me slowly
there’s endless promise in this
this being infinite
so take the twisted love for it with understanding
i’m not ready
this will only leave me losing more
when I follow it down
to a place where no one knows what we have done
bleed out to feel


my brain, it was all blocked up
feeling out of sorts
the words they would not come
i met a guy on the train
who had a few kind words
the nicest dude
showed me his “ante up” tattoo

it’s kind of wild the people who we will find
some that you don’t even know
with just the tiniest boost
will help see you through
this world will jump up to surprise you
reminds me not to lose hope
on humanity yet
reminds me that I am as lucky
as lucky can get

so i told him that i was having the hardest time
felt like everything i wrote
was something i wrote before
he told me, don’t give up
keep the pen to the page and the word’s they’ll come
so that is what i’m gonna do

maybe I was wrong and i will never be alone
all because we wrote these punk rock songs
and god-damn that’s pretty crazy
so fucking amazing


there is a whole universe spinning
in perfect harmony around us

we survived the race to the egg
every breath the holy grail
beautiful secrets hiding everywhere
so god-damned much
to do, and feel and say

the colors brighter
the music louder
the stakes higher
the kisses longer

things that need leaving
rules there for the breaking
battles that should be raging
leave your mark on everyone
age is death, love is worth it
and hard work, it pays off

and time is running out


because this is what you’ll back on
it will cut right through the laughs and all the fun
when you were kicked back waiting for the days to end
just hanging out with your friends
but sometimes things aren’t so easy
sometimes you have got to chose between what is simple
and what you know is right
to prove that, “you can count on me”
was what you meant
when you spoke up to write the chapter
on who you are in your heart
when we were so in love with pretty words
like loyalty, and unity, this is you legacy
where will you be?

it is really hardly ever that we are tested
never mind asked to shine
but is there any time more important
then when we’re called upon to be there for a friend?

friends – they say it’s what makes the best defense

what this really comes down to
is a war within yourself
face to face with a thousand places that you would rather be
and what you chose is gonna bind you to this time

friends – they say it’s what makes the best defense

and we are all gonna get fucked up sometimes
no one makes it through this shit unharmed
the key is finding the ones worth fighting for
and standing for
and bleeding for

where you there or did you run?


i look at me and I can’t see me
without this
it scares the fuck out of me
where will I be?
i can’t even guess
the ropes nearly cut clean
who will reach out for me?

I’m lost at sea

what happens when you take away the thing that i have done the best
and loved the most
for all these years
i knew the rules
some things you cant outrun
and if it lived then it must die
deaf, dumb, and so naive
no one left to hear me scream

my decisions were so easy
the view it was so pretty
how can it be?
oh, foolish me
did i really believe that this would always be?


though much has been broken enough still survives
and through all the hardship there is a light that still shines
gone are the days when bullets bounced from our chest
we have become who we are and fuck all the rest

our scars they tell the stories
our eyes still look ahead
still so much that is burning
defiant hearts not yet dead

because nothing, no nothing
is as important as this:
to seek. to rise. to fight
and to do anything but quit


(When I was very young my father’s father molested me, my brother, our cousins and probably every other child he could get his hands on.
This continued for many years and we carried the secret.
I still don’t understand why or how such complete silence was able to be upheld for all those years.
Was it fear? Shame? Some sort of twisted obedience to our family?
We grew older and our lives came apart in different ways, acting out and breaking down.
Looking back, I see now how our worlds were completely shattered from the inside.
What they say about blacking things out is true. I remember so little from those days, lived almost entirely in worlds I created in my head.
Finally when I was 14 someone spoke up. The nightmare was out and loud and spilling over everything.
I swear, in less than a week he was dead. They told us it was a massive heart-attack, but I don’t believe in timing like that. So, like a thief in the night, he stole not only our innocence, but any chance I’d ever have to seek revenge.
The poison has stayed in my veins, affecting my relationship with everyone and everything.
But I am not to blame, at least that’s what the shrink kept telling me)
—- —- —- —- —- —-
…so a wandering ronin i became
with a dripping blade and honor over everything

uncomfortable in my own skin
bound to sleepless nights and endless roads
demon’s in my very head
if you look, you can see me
grasping for a world that makes some sense
where through the dark there waits the light

betrayal, more than a dirty word for me
everywhere I see
trust, became a diamond to me
forever out of reach

in came the sounds that would see me through
clenched fists, stage-dives
salvation found in gate-fold sleeves
at last a place where i could breathe
and being no good with change i threw away the key
you’ll have to drag me out of here

i failed to protect my only brother
when he needed me the most
so i’ve tried to stand by those who i could
and we were screaming all as one


right here right now
it’s never felt more real than this
right here right now
the depths of my heart

i’ve been abandoned my whole life
sad songs, early deaths
bones piled to my knees
it’s always been the minor-chords for me

so if it’s the last scene
make it a bloody scene
because when i die
i want it to be because someone hates me
with every fiber of their being

i won’t carry you in my heart
you are my heart
my everywhere and everything
the walls i’ll climb and the wars i’ll fight
loved you in the deepest way
became the man who i am today
you made me feel just like a hammer
in a world lined with nails

i’m not walking away from here
with a bunch of things i still need to declare
a wasted life is worse than death
it’s up to you to figure out the rest

this is my final backward glance
i’ve never been much good at saying goodbye


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