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BARREN HOPE – “Anaffa” (2014)

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BARREN HOPE – “Anaffa” (2014)

Haifa, Israel’s BARREN HOPE formed in early 2012 playing a sludge influenced type of hardcore punk. O January 10th, 2014 they launched this debut album called “Anaffa” through their DIY label called Shalosh Recs, which is some sort of a graffiti/art/music collective based in Israel. They also plan to tour Europe this Summer and are already working on a new material dated to be released this year!

The 12” vinyl will be out end of April. Pre-orders start April 3rd. Life Is A Funny Thing Records commented:

Still deeply rooted in this Scene, they multiple Influences as a new Band. Take the raw, but sometimes melancholic Crust of Bands like Alpinist, put it into Songstructures which bring early Touche Amore to Mind, add some of that atmospheric Heavyness that made the late Carpathian Records so great, and you have a feel what “Anaffa” sounds like. Plus they have a Singer who delivers such a great Performance in the way his Voice falls from agression to a desperate feel, back again and then mix it to one Angst and Anger filled Scream.

Being a totally new Label, i would so so highly appreciate every little help from you. Is it a Post in the News, a Review, whatever…if you like the Record, feel free to be creative….and if you need something more (infos, pics etc), feel free to write!

The Pressing of Anaffa will be 400 pieces of Vinyl. They all come in a screenprinted Jacket. There will be Edition of 100 pieces in golden Vinyl and silver printed Cover. The remaining 300 will be pressed in black Vinyl and have a golden printed Cover.



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