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Behold! Blackened hardcore beast ODIOSORDO unveils new brutal track

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ODIOSORDO‘s crushing mix of blackened hardcore and bleak, doom infused metal are the main order of business on their new beautifully looking LP “Con Il Buio Nel Sangue”, and the crushing new single we’re premiering for your listening pleasure is a perfect example of their hellish work. ODIOSORDO is a force to be reckoned, and it fits the bill perfectly. You’ve been warned! Listen to “Senza Promessa” below.

ODIOSORDO came to life by an idea of Marco and Paolo (bass and drums with Demontain) during the early months of 2016. The aim since the very beginning focused on creating something extreme, able to move over what the due early band has been capable of achieving until then with its previous incarnations. The mix comes to develop in a HC/BlackMetal hybrid where Matteo offers his vocals, eviscerating personal experiences in lyrics. Music and words are here merged in a hateful and corrosive blend. Where Ubiquity have left their mark, ODIOSORDO takes his blackened hardcore approach to brand new levels of rage and violence.

“Con Il Buio Nel Sangue” comes out on October 31st via VBMF (Italy) and the band’s own Imperatrix Mundi Records, and serves as a perfect treat for fans of: ร‰glise, Czar, and Hexis!

Odio Sordo is the Italian translation for “Deaf Hate“, meaning bitterness, fury, grudge.

A sentiment usually born as a consequence of a personal challenge, it commonly represents an emotion to which we attribute negative feelings, but which, if listened to carefully, could provide life itself with important questions.


This constant seeking, this internal fight, can be translated in the reaching of a personal goal, called ODIOSORDO. Born by the need of merging a strong sense of discomfort, deep disorientation, but also the will of fighting back and finding a way through life.

ODIOSORDO is awareness through a karmic journey, the process by which feelings are filtered. It is an attempted rebellion against prefixed hypocritical schemes, swamps in which human relations are limited to an everyday programmed and sterile reality.

Con Il Buio Nel Sangue

ODIOSORDO is: Marco P. – guitars // bass // synths, Matteo C. – vox // interpretation, Paolo Z. – drums // lyrics // synths // Recorded by Marco & Andrea between July 2018 and July 2019, at Embog Studio & Produzioni Fantasma. // Mix & Mastering by Andrea “Spazza” Rigoni at Produzioni Fantasma.

Another new track “Il Risveglio”, is available for streaming below!

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