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Belgian anthemic punk rockers THE DUTCH RUDDERS comment on new captivating album “Malchance”

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Written back in 20202, recorded one year later and finally released in September this year, “Malchance” by THE DUTCH RUDDERS (White Russian Records) imbues both highs and lows with a constant sense of longing. Coming as an overall bright and catchy offering, it serves a perfect treat for fans of The Menzingers, Hot Water Music and Dead To Me. Today, we have teamed up to give you a special track by track rundown for the album, revealing some insights bout their songwriting, inspirations and lyrical content.

The Flemish band The Dutch Rudders started out in 2009 in the garage of Ward and Dries’ grandmother. Shortly after the addition of a drummer they started writing Ramones and Screeching Weasel inspired songs.

In 2012 the band released their first EP, “Shame Is For The Weak”, and got the band Dead To Me over to their city to play their, now legendary, release party.

Shortly after expanding to a four piece the band recorded their second EP. Black Holes was self-released and followed up in 2015 by the band’s first full length album. “On Verra” was released by Monster Zero Records, who later also released “Are You Miserable” in 2018.
While playing all over The Netherlands and Belgium (“there isn’t a squat, corner or bar we haven’t seen”) the band suddenly had to hit the brakes when the pandemic hit.

Comparing both 2020 and 2022, the band admits: “A year filled with loneliness, hard times, drinking to pass the time, losing hope, losing love. Still very much a shitty year. Finding hope and losing it again. 2022 was filled with hope, parties and good times.”

The Dutch Rudders‘ last pre-COVID show was with Janez Detd, where the band met Tim Toegaert. Together they put in the hours to make the new The Dutch Rudders songs stand out and amongst the best songs the band ever wrote and recorded. A deal with White Russian Records followed early 2022, with the first single releasing in April.

1. Kirk Van Houten

The last song on our previous EP was called Milhouse Mussolini Van Houten, so we thought it would be cool to start the new record with a song called Kirk Van Houten. Kirk is a song about getting caught in this vicious circle of drinking and feeling like shit and doing it again the next day.

2. Dear God, Satan of Heaven

You know the expression “alone in a crowd”. That’s the general idea. You can surround yourself with friends and people who you care about. But when nobody listens to what’s being said, it starts to wear on you and you can feel more alone than before. “We talk a lot, but say so little.”

The song title is also a The Simpsons reference by the way.

3. Big Worthless Nothing

This was the last song written for the album. When you think that everything is completely going to shit and you’re looking for answers, what do you do? Right, make things worse and get shitfaced. “Does it get any better than this? I want to know what it’s like to feel alright.” Not so much of a happy song, but did you really expect that on an album called Malchance?

4. Cold Stone Home

Every record needs a break-up song. You can live in the biggest mansion in the world, but when you’re not feeling like yourself anymore just to stay together. Break up, sell the house, start over and work on yourself.

We stole the title for this song from our buddies in Off The Charts first album, you should listen to them if you like Coheed and Cambria.

5. Forever A Champ

This song is about Pico Coppens/Walter Michiels. He used to be one of the greatest and most promising actors in Belgium, but nowadays he’s the most well-known bum in Belgium. He got caught selling drugs to kids, lives on the street and gets frequently arrested. He was “born to lose it all”.

6. Radiant Kid

Some people can make you feel like everything you put into a relationship still is not good enough for them. “I am your cancer, I am your cardiac arrest”. You feel like you are the roadblock to a happier and a healthier relation. You’re the weight that’s keeping you back from moving forward.

Also another The Simpsons reference at the end of the song!

7. Cormorant Tree

You can find beauty and hope in everything. The smallest thing can make you feel good about the future. A tree filled with cormorants can bring an unexpected hope. The solitude during lockdown was pretty hard on the four of us.

8. 110%

Andrew W.K. gives a 100%, we give a 110% when we party hard.

9. Poutsy Gorgan

Named after the famous gypsy king in Zele because we always honor our beautiful hometown.

The song itself is also a pretty depressing song. You feel shit about yourself and can’t seem to find a way out. You’re stressed out because nothing ever changes, you lie awake and live for your 9-to-5 job, you’re not good enough and the realization that your hopes and dreams you’ve had as a teenager will never work out.

10. Six Pack Macho Man

It’s about drinking. In a positive way! Getting drunk with friends, not knowing what’ll happen at the end of the night. And when you’ve finally had enough, you’re on your hands and knees with only God to guide you home. Do you order another beer or do you crawl home? It’s up to you.

11. Pensées Noires

“I need a doctor, I need a shrink. So I can figure out the way I think. Because I’ve got dark thoughts.” Yeah, you should really go see a shrink if you think you need it. It helps.

12. Do Not Rescuscitate

Imagine. You’ve just lost the love of your life to another man. You listen to a lot of Alkaline Trio. You get a little dramatic. You write a song like this.

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