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Belgian experimental rockers THOT celebrate the 10th anniversary of “Obscured by the Wind” LP; offer commentary

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It’s been 10 years since Brussel industrial / experimental alt rockers THOT released their sophomore album “Obscured by the Wind”, and this month the band is celebrate this landmark with a vinyl release, anniversary merchandising, alongside an exclusive live audio/video performance to be shot at the end of the month. Today, we’re giving a well deserved nod with a special take on the album, the band’s quick track by track rundown and their special commentary about their plans, as well as local music scene in Belgium.

“Somehow, we drew the outlines of a singular audio/visual language, blending industrial-rock, post-rock and punk vibes into one solid statement which has been blooming along the years: vegetal noise music.” – comments the band.

Frontman Grégoire Fray continues: “I’m still happy with the overall sonic esthetic of the record. I think there are a few things I would have done differently, production wise, but wouldn’t change anything to the songwriting. The band’s lineup has been evolving since then and so did our sound of course. It became more and more organic over the years.”

Pre-orders start March, 5th at THOT Bandcamp.

THOT promo min 1

The live audio/video performance will serve a proper revisitation of some of Obscured by The Wind songs into very intimate versions. The lineup will consist of Grégoire Fray on piano, guitar and lead vocal, brand new member Lucie Le Fauconnier on guitar & vocal, and longtime collaborator & friend Catherine Graindorge on violin & soundscape. The performance will be filmed during Spring’s first full moon – 28th of March – and delivered early April.

THOT live by 📸 Mostenne co
THOT live by

Performance tickets pre-orders start March, 5th on Bandcamp. Ticket is included when ordering the vinyl release.

Asked about their plans for the future, Grégoire says that the band is working on new album dubbed “DELTA”:

“Ee have a patreon for those who are interested to take a deeper look into the making of this record while supporting us HERE. It has been writing mostly during the first covid19 lockdown, and there will be a lot of songs in my mother language, french, so it’s quite exciting.”

For their local music community and the imapct of pandemic crisis on the idnependent music scene in Brussels, he admits that it’s “quite a disaster.”

“Even if music venues, promoters, artists, technicians, are ready to adapt to any health/security measures , political leaders seem not to listen and treat us as irresponsible kids. I have many friends who suffer a lot from this situation, as they can’t work for a year now, and the future is still quite dark. We have to stick all together, stay united and solidary.”

THOT by Van's Ography
THOT by Van’s Ography

Track by track commentary:


I wanted to do an epic introduction song of less than 2 minutes. Did I succeed?

Take a bow and run

The lyrics have been inspired by ‘J’accepte” (I do accept), a french text published in 2003 to mark the sad anniversary of the events of September 11.

This text reminds the social contract we accept tacitly and we sign every morning. More than a simple social criticism, this short text highlights the troubling facts resulting from our undeniable penchant for comfort, indifference and irresponsibility.

Dancing in the corn

The peacefulness of a hot summer day in the fields

Moved Hills

I was angry at somebody who took a decision I didn’t like at all and who thought I was taking the bad one. I wanted to prove him wrong

Spellbound Fields

This is my attempt to describe summer thunderstorms in my native countryside, when the sky and the fields seem to melt together.

Blue and Green (are melting down in a seed)

I wrote this song not long enough after I moved into a new apartment in Brussels, where I painted the living room with electric blue, and the bedroom with peaceful green.

Solid Insecure Flower

One of my favorite songs to play during shows, back in the days. Not an easy one to bring on stage, especially with the “choir” part in the middle. But when the tension rises with the bass synth from 3’43, it’s like having an orgasm.

The Hour Speller

The very last song I wrote for this record, during a very hot summer evening, with a good bottle of white wine. I remember having a divine time.

Obscured by the Wind

That was the first song I wrote for this record, sometimes in 2006(!!!). At that time, I had a very precise idea where I wanted to go with the sound.

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