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Belgium’s STATIC VISION joins KOYO singer’s label, shares new music, top influential metal & hardcore releases

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Static Vision

Static Vision, a formidable hardcore pack hailing from the h8000 region in Kortrijk, Belgium, consisting of Lenny Sektor on guitars, Jonas Hoflack on bass, Zeger Verbeke on drums, and Bert Vandaele on vocals, has recently joined forces with Belgium’s Kick Out The Jams label and the American record label, 51st State Records, under the stewardship of Joey Chiaramonte, renowned as the singer of the band Koyo.

Originating from the heart of Kortrijk, Static Vision’s sound embodies the essence of hardcore in its purest form. With relentless determination and a burning passion for their craft, these musicians craft sonic landscapes that resonate with authenticity and intensity. Their lyrical themes delve into the hardships of daily life, conveying a sense of urgency and resilience.

Static Vision seamlessly melds aggression with melody and raw emotion, inviting listeners into the visceral trenches of hardcore. Each beat, riff, and scream forges a profound connection with the audience, creating an atmosphere charged with shared energy.

In our interview, Bert Vandaele, the band’s vocalist, provides insights into the inspiration behind their lyrics, which are characterized by depth and meaning.

He explains that their songwriting process begins with a profound feeling, drawing from the multitude of issues that fuel their discontent with the world.

Their lyrics resonate with skepticism and anger, reflecting the harsh realities of life, the loss of loved ones, and the everyday struggles faced by individuals. The title of their EP, “Colors that guide us,” encapsulates this approach, as emotions are likened to colors, guiding their decisions and actions.

The source of inspiration for their lyrics derives from conversations, both personal and overheard. Bert emphasizes the significance of making the most of every conversation, as it can be a source of profound inspiration. Their music encapsulates a range of emotions, channeling them into a sonic tapestry that speaks volumes.

Static Vision’s track “Victoria” addresses the plight of countless children who wake up in a nightmarish world, devoid of hope and safety. It paints a stark picture of a world where watching the news becomes an unsettling experience due to the overwhelming horrors it unveils.

“Final Conversations” serves as a poignant tribute to a friend who tragically took their own life, a theme that resonates with anyone who has experienced the sudden loss of a loved one. It underscores the importance of open and honest conversations in dealing with life’s challenges.

Statis Vision
Static Vision

In addition to their new releases, Lenny Sektor, the guitarist, shares his list of ten albums that have profoundly impacted his life.

From Crowbar’s classic self-titled album to Machine Head’s “Burn My Eyes” and Pantera’s “Vulgar Display of Power,” Lenny’s selection reveals a deep-rooted passion for heavy music.

Static Vision’s lineup consists of Bert Vandaele on vocals, Zeger Verbeke on drums, Jonas Hoflack on bass, and Lenny Sektor on guitars.

1. Crowbar – st

They are my fave band of all time, their st is a pure classic. Whoever tried to sound like them, never succeed.

2. Machine Head – Burn my Eyes

At the moment this one came out, I was blown away by the heaviness, groove and power.

3. Pantera – Vulgar Display

Hardest of the hardest, this album changed metal into something new.

4. Biohazard – Urban Discipline

The Kings of NY HC, with their crossover sound and groove made an absolute masterpiece

5. Life Of Agony – River Runs Red

Again a masterpiece, this was an absolute breaking record for hard music. Not one other album would sound the same.

6. Therapy? Troublegum

Mixing punk influences with other elements would make one pretty unique sounding. What an album.

7. Congress – Blackened Persistence

H8000 masters that brought this record out, metal influences all the way. They were the ones who might made me the HC kid I still am.

8. Alice in Chains – Dirt

Best Grunge album in my eyes. It still gives me some emotions when I listen to it.

9. Sepultura – Arise

When Arise came out, I didn’t know who Sepultura was. It hit me, best Sepultura album ever.

10. Morning Again – Martyr

This one,…. Still my number one HC band ever. Became good friends with the guys and still are. A true classic.

11. [bonus] Sektor – Ultimate Threat

Adding this one is so important in my life. Forming a band with friends, and never realised this one would have an impact in hardcore.

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