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Ben Weinman of DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN comments on the alleged rip off by THE GHOST INSIDE

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The obvious similarities between the new GHOST INSIDE album cover and DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN‘s “One of Us is the Killer” forced the DEP’s Facebook moderator to call call it an “offensively soulless rip off.” The guitarist of the band was asked by Lambgoat to share some of his thoughts on this matter, and here’s what he had to say about the situation:

“If I saw the two next to each other, I would have personally asked to make a few changes and not make the vinyl the same… I mean I wouldn’t have let that slide personally but I don’t give a shit what other bands do… I do feel bad that those guys have to deal with all this drama right now during the release of their album. I’m sure they worked really hard on it.”

The band stated:

What’s really interesting that Metalsucks dug out another cover that was inspired by the original work (or not inspired at all) – it’s the cover for the newest book from Alan Averill’s called The Beautiful Land.

The Beautiful Land

The magazine commented:

Dillinger’s album art is credited to Brian Montuori (art direction, ink drawings, handwriting) and Daniel McBride (computer tweaking, assemblage), while the cover Averill’s book is credited to Judith Lagerman — with the caveat that the feather pictures was specifically taken from Shutterstock, an image licensing company. In fact, a very quick search of Shutterstock shows that they have a whole lotta pictures of black feathers. And the feathers on the cover of DEP’s album and the cover of Averill’s book aren’t exactly identical — so it’s entirely possible that this is just a coincidence, or a case of two entities licensing similar images from Shutterstock during the same time frame.

Except… that dripping ink. The ink is not, as far as I can tell, from Shutterstock. Now, again — the dripping ink isn’t in the exact same position on either feather, nor is it identical on either feather. So it could just be a coincidence.

But if it is, well… it’s certainly a STRANGE coincidence, isn’t it?

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