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Best Speakers for Playing Music Loud as Hell

Speaker by @burst
Probably, any person can’t imagine their life without music. We listen to it when we are happy and when we are upset. It can help us to relax or provide us with tons of positive emotions.
However, it’s extremely important to purchase a top-quality speaker if you want to get the best music experience and enjoy your favorite songs anywhere. Nowadays, there is such a variety of these devices that it may be difficult to select the one that will completely satisfy your needs.

Of course, you can read other customer reviews and watch some YouTube videos about this or that model. Also, you may read online magazines where you can find a lot of useful pieces of information about different speakers.

Nevertheless, it’ll take a lot of time before you analyze all the pros and cons or each device and finally make your decision. Luckily, you may just read this article where you’ll find out about the best speakers that will amaze you with the sound quality and strength of tone.

Cambridge Air 200

The Cambridge company knows how to manufacture high-quality products, and this device isn’t an exception. It isn’t just a Bluetooth speaker that may become a great decoration for your living room or office but a powerful device to place anywhere.

This speaker is compact enough to be taken on a journey or to a party. And thanks to its special design, this Cambridge Air 200 model generates clear and wide-reaching sound.

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2

Creative Sound is a well-known brand that makes awesome devices for all music lovers. If you heard about this company, you certainly need to check out this speaker.

First of all, this is a powerful device that weighs less than 4 pounds. At the same time, it has such benefits as the Roars 2’s overdrive feature and impressive Bluetooth range.

Plus, it’ll ensure the amazing sound experience for 8 hours after its battery is fully recharged. The affordable price is the icing on the cake.

Riva Turbo X

Are you looking for a loud and reliable Bluetooth speaker? Then you need to have a look at this awesome model. It has a wonderful Turbo mode that makes this device perfect for anyone who wants to hold an unforgettable party.

This speaker is also an excellent option for people who adore listening to music while experiencing nature. The impressive fact is that the speaker’s battery can last for 26 hours.

Besides, this model is water- and weather-resistant. There are no doubts that it is a great choice for any person who is looking for a reliable Bluetooth speak.

Toproad Portable Shower Speaker

It’s nice to listen to your favorite music while taking a shower or a bath. Unluckily, water and moisture may cause damage to your mobile phone or Bluetooth speaker. However, you can forget about such a problem with this amazing Toproad shower speaker.

As seen on GiftWits, you can mount this tiny device with the help of either a removable suction cup or carabineer. Thanks to this unique feature, it’s possible not only to turn on the speaker to enjoy the music while taking a shower but also listen to your favorite melodies in your outdoor adventures. Bear in mind that its full charge will provide you with 6 hours of playtime.

Bose Soundlink Revolve Plus

Bose managed to attract thousands of loyal customers within a short period, and this company isn’t going to slow down. It released a variety of Bluetooth speakers, and each model has tons of powerful features. In 2019, as seen on Forbes, BOSE presented this amazing device.

You’ll definitely be amazed by its operating time. The speaker’s battery provides 16 hours of wonderful sound.

Additionally, it’s portable, lightweights, and totally waterproof. It’s possible to take this great Bluetooth speaker wherever you want, and it’s modern and luxury design will definitely amaze your friends and family members.

Marshall Woburn

It is one of the loudest Bluetooth speakers manufactured by a famous Marshall company. The device is a perfect choice for real music lovers who want to enjoy their favorite songs without any annoying noises or buzzes. The speaker is made of top-quality materials that ensure incredible sound.

However, you should take into account that this device is more suitable for indoor usage rather than outdoor adventures. Additionally, you should be ready to dip into your pocket if you want to purchase this one.

Devialet Gold Phantom

Devialet isn’t the name of a new luxury car brand, as it may seem at first. This company produces top-notch music devices. This Devialet Phantom model has a 108dB maximum volume, and that’s an impressive sound.

This device is guaranteed to impress music fans with such wonderful features. Besides the gold color, you can opt for a silver model.

It is a premium speaker that ensures premium quality. No doubts, you can surprise anyone with the quality of sound produced by the device. What’s more, you’ll certainly like its design that combines modern technologies and functionality.

The only con is that you’ll need to pay an enormous price if you want to own this model. However, this speaker is definitely worth its money.


There is no doubt that music is a great way to have a lot of fun. No wonder that the music industry develops rapidly with each year, with new artists and tech making big entrances on the stage.
Alex Kapinski, editor at NJGamblingFun, had this to say:

“If you want to listen to your favorite music literally anywhere, it’s extremely important to get a top-quality speaker that will produce great sound. Bluetooth speakers come in handy when you are enjoying nature, have a picnic, or even taking a shower. What’s more, listening to music may encourage you to write your own songs, so the pros of getting yourself a speaker are truly undeniable.”

By going for any of the devices listed above, you’ll discover all the benefits of excellent sound. Plus, you may present one of these models to your friend or relative who also adores listening to music. Be sure that any person will be over the moon if you give them such a nice gift.

Best Speakers for Playing Music Loud as Hell
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