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Meet Maryland’s Punk Rock CBD Shop

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CBD is one of the most popular health and well-being supplements that proved to be a working treatment for people suffering from chronic pain, sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, and other conditions. Doctors can prescribe CBD for such specific situations, and it is an absolutely healthy natural treatment that more and more people are getting interested in.

CBD is extracted from the specific strains of the cannabis plant but, in contrary to THC, has no psychoactive effects. At the same time, it allows coping with such conditions as panic attacks, anxiety, and stress that, unfortunately, are common among famous people. No wonder that many music industry representatives turned to take CBD oil for improving their physical and mental health conditions. In this article, we will take a look at how this product can be seen in punk/metal scenes.

CBD and Ivan Moody (FFDP)

Ivan Moody is a vocalist of a popular heavy-metal group Five Fingers Death Punch or FFDP, who is known for his positive attitude to CBD products. Although one may not say it from his look, Ivan Moody has been suffering from anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder for long before he discovered the healing effects of CBD.

The musician said that this product helps him to stay healthy, focused, and calm before and after his performances. What is more, he was able to manage his appetite and diet, corrupted by an irregular work schedule. His appreciation of the helpfulness of CBD turned into his own brand of CBD products created for people suffering from similar conditions.

In December, the band released a new single “Inside Out.” The upcoming album F8 will be released on February 28 and bring a beginning to the new massive US arena tour of the group this spring.

CBD and Vinnie Fiorello (Less Than Jake)

Vinnie Fiorello is a drummer of the punk-rock band Less Than Jake from Florida. However, you may know him better as a co-founder of record label Fueled by Ramen that manages such groups as Paramore and Panic! At The Disco.

Unlike musicians that turned to CBD for coping with mental conditions, Vinnie Fiorello was in search of the treatment that could help him with wrist and shoulder problems, which he got from twenty-five years playing the drums. When he started applying CBD products on the pain areas, he noticed the positive effects within a week.

Thus, Vinnie Fiorello became an advocate for the benefits of CBD and worked on the popularization of this component. In 2018, Vinnie Fiorello left the band and concentrated on musical production and business career. Last year he even launched his own CBD brand.

Besides, as seen on IDIOTEQ, you can expect Less Than Jake to perform with Lagwagon on their co-heading tour this spring. Thus, if you are a fan of this group, don’t miss this opportunity.

CBD & Carlos Santana

Another famous musician who turned to CBD is Carlos Santana because of its wellness effect. The Grammy-winning guitarist has been using CBD products himself for a long time, and such treatment helped him to clear his mind and feel calm and relaxed.

Now, the musician decided to launch his own CBD brand to provide people with high-quality and safe products that can help them to deal with constant stress and worries in a healthy way. As seen on Billboard, Carlos Santana is aimed to promote the unique light of every individual by helping everyone to reach peace of mind.

CBD and Ozzy Osbourne

As seen on CBD Kyro, one of the main features of CBD oil is the ability to treat chronic pain. That’s why Ozzy Osbourne, a singer and a lead vocalist of Black Sabbath, turned to this product for dealing with his health issues.

He is probably one of the best-known CBD advocates because this treatment helped him not only to feel better but recover to the extent that Ozzy Osbourne even thought about hitting the road with another tour. As seen on CNN Entretainment, a few days ago, he released his first album in almost ten years called Ordinary Man. The album features collaborations with Post Malone, Elton John, and Slash, Guns N’ Roses guitarist.

Punk-Rock CBD Shop – a Two-In-One Option in Frederick

There is a punk-rock smoke shop opened in the city recently. Instead of creating one more basic shop, the co-owners Kristen Hoffman and Alan Flickinger decided to open a themed place where punk-rock fans could buy CBD oil, as well as vintage punk-rock t-shirts. This way, the shop reflects the popularity of CBD among punk and metal musicians and allows customers to get the items they need.

People can come in and talk to the owners about music and CBD oil. Also, customers can find some rare stuff, such as tour t-shirts released decades ago. Getting a rare vintage t-shirt of your band and learning about new things and promising treatments of our century proved to be a great idea to many, so no wonder that this punk-rock CBD shop is quite a popular place in the city.
As seen on DailyCBDMag, it can be challenging to decide on the reliable brand that retails CBD products, especially if you are looking for such items online and need advice. If you are in search of an expert review of the best CBD oils available on the market, check it out here.

Final Thoughts

Many punk-rock and heavy metal musicians turned to CBD oil at their times as a healthy treatment for dealing with anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation, and other disorders. This product is well-known for its helpful effect on one’s mental well-being, as well as physical health.

Thus, next time you listen to Ozzy Osbourne, Five Fingers Death Punch, Less Than Jake, or other punk-rock artists, remember that musicians are prone to mental conditions and chronic pain and seek reliable treatment. Many of them turn to CBD-containing products and report their positive effects on their health; keep that in mind if you are experiencing similar conditions.

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