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BEYOND PINK European Summer dates

Swedish female hardcore punks from BEYOND PINK are putting finishing touches on their Summer touring schedule. Check out the full list of dates below and help them out by contacting them via [email protected]

Thurs 17/7 Hamburg, Germany
Fri 18/7 Köln or Amsterdam TBC
Sat 19/7 Southern Germany, HELP NEEDED
Sun 20/7 Zagreb, Croatia
Mon 21/7 Croatia? HELP NEEDED
Tues 22/7 Koper, Slovenia
Wed 23/7 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Thurs 24/7 Bratislava, Slovakia
Fri 25/7 Fluff fest, Czech Republic
Sat 26/7 Brno, Czech Republic
Sun 27/7 Vienna/Budapest? HELP NEEDED
Mon 28/7 Vienna/Budapest? HELP NEEDED
Tues 29/7 Zilina, Slovakia
Wed 30/7 Krakow, Poland TBC
Tues 31/7 Warzaw, Poland TBC
Fri 1/8 Berlin, Germany
Sat 2/8 Leipzig, Germany

Photo by Kenny Swan.

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