BFH breaks up; final show footage available

BFH, one of the most important Bulgarian hardcore bands from the 90’s, formed in 1996, have announced they’re breaking up. Check out their last show ever below.

They released their full length album “Burned from Hope” in 1999.

Here’s the official statement:

The recordings [for our second album] that we did in April 2011 are still not mixed, and those are songs we wrote between 1999 and 2003. So – they would’ve instantly sound obsolete upon their release. […] The delay only underlined the inanity of the songs and from there – the very existence of the band. A band without music and without shows is not a band. So what’s the point then? I will be coming back from Australia even more rarely than I did when I lived in the USA and UK. This means my participation in trhe band would be an agony for everyone else. That’s why after the last quarrel between us I decided to leave BFH officially.

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