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PERSEI shapes the agony of mental health struggles with new emotive single “Broken Inside”

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Staten Island’s alt-pop punk pack, Persei, is poised to release their third single, “Broken Inside,” from their eagerly anticipated debut LP, What’s Left Inside, slated for a Spring 2024 release. This new track, set to debut tomorrow, Friday, May 3, continues the narrative arc of their previous singles, “Not Okay” and “Faith,” delving deeper into the complexities of personal and spiritual unrest that defines much of their upcoming album.

“Broken Inside” stands out with its acoustic vulnerability, contrasting sharply with the energetic pop-punk vibe of their earlier releases. This song embodies a moment of resignation, a melancholic acceptance that not all battles in the journey of adulthood end in victory.

Drummer and vocalist Sergio Gorno provides insight into the emotional landscape of the track: “While it’s always good to have a positive outlook during hard times, sometimes we just accept the defeat and lifelessness of certain situations,” he explains. “Not everything can be sunshine and rainbows.”


This single follows a thematic lineage from the band’s recent work, exploring the erosion of faith and the trials of personal growth.

“Broken Inside” introduces a new layer to this journey, pairing the raw, stripped-down acoustics with a soft yet potent eruption of rock, reflecting the internal battle against despair, before settling back into its acoustic solemnity.


Formed in early 2018, Persei comprises Jonathan Cutrona (vocals/guitar), Mike Maldarelli (vocals/guitar), Nick Millus (guitar), Andrew Maino (bass), and Sergio Gorno (vocals/drums). Their music journey began with the debut EP, 117 Whatever Street, and continued through various milestones, including a win at Bayside’s national Battle of the Bands and performances alongside punk-rock icons like Homesafe and The Dangerous Summer.


The band’s sound is a testament to their diverse musical backgrounds, weaving elements from the broader alternative spectrum to create an emotionally charged and distinctively multifaceted sound. With each release, Persei continues to resonate with an audience that finds solace in their introspective lyrics and multifaceted melodies.

Learn more about the band through our recent interview HERE.

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