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Billy BIOHAZARD shares views on core values of punk & hardcore, respecting differences, fighting Nazis and more

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In his recent interview for Punk Rock MBA podcast, Billy from BIOHAZARD reminisced about his experiences in the music industry and shared his views on the current state of music subcultures and cummunities. He spoke about how the punk rock and hardcore music scene embraced imperfection and prioritized energy and attitude over perfection.

In one of his anecdotes, he cited an anecdote about Vinnie Stigma from Agnostic Front, who once told him that a slightly out of tune guitar was “close enough for hardcore,” which exemplified the genre’s ethos.

Billy also expressed concern about the current state of society, where people are increasingly divided and intolerant of those with differing beliefs. He recalled a time when he was part of a community that welcomed people of different backgrounds and belief systems, and he lamented the current trend of vilifying and hating those who hold different beliefs.

According to Billy, this trend is destructive to society and hinders progress. He argued that society can only move forward when people are open-minded and willing to learn from those with differing perspectives. He cited the example of music, where diversity and experimentation lead to new and exciting genres and artists.

In the interview, Billy also spoke about his experiences fighting against racism and neo-Nazis in the punk scene. He recounted an incident at a show in Allentown, Pennsylvania, where a group of neo-Nazis disrupted the concert and beat up one of their friends. Despite the violence, Billy and his friends continued to stand up against hatred and bigotry.

Overall, the interview revealed Billy’s passion for music and his belief in the power of diversity and open-mindedness to create a better society. Huge respect to Billy for this chat.

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