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BIRDS IN ROW are back! New single “Water Wings”, tour dates available!

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Shortly after the creation of Red Creek, a new distribution company founded by Johannes Persson from Cult of Luna and Alexis Sevenier from ORA Management, the label is thrilled to announce the siging of the influential chaotic hardcore / post hardcore band BIRDS IN ROW! The band just premiered their new single and announced a string of European shows! 

“The main purpose was to give a new home to Cult of Luna but quickly (almost instantly) we had the desire to offer the label services to others, always with the idea to put the art first and to become a pro active partner with the experience we, and or team acquired through the years. So it’s with an incredible honor that we announce today our first signing, BIRDS IN ROW” – comment Alexis Sevenier, Johannes Persson and the whole Red Creek team.

“From the moment we created Red Creek, Birds in Row was probably the first band we wanted to let know about this new company, and as always, it’s all about time, and all stars aligned.” – they conclude.

The band is releasing today a monster of a song called “Water Wings“, off of their yet-to-be-detailed new album, and you can hear it in its entirety above!

“We thought this day would never come but finally … here is the time for us to turn a page and move to another one.” – comments the band.

“We started thinking about new music as soon as we released “We Already Lost The World“. The run we had with this last album was overwhelming. Shows were flowing, discussions with you all were deep and interesting. But still we wanted to create something else. After a long run on the road, we finished our european tour with Alcest and Kaelan Mikla, with a new threat being the pandemic. A week or two afterward, lockdown happened. And it felt good, cause we needed some rest and some time to focus on the next thing to happen. Time passed, lockdowns after lockdowns, social tensions after social tensions, and we were here trying to create music, without knowing if it made any sense anymore.

We started writing about depression, mental health, and their direct link to politics and social interactions, without knowing how much it would mean to us today.

Working on new music took way more from us than we expected. It’s been a violent process in the waiting, the preparation, the overthinking. It brought us to start turning the page by bringing some change in the way we were doing things. And after several discussions, we are stoked and excited to announce our signing with Red Creek, the label created by Johannes Persson from Cult of Luna and Alexis Sevenier from ORA management.

Tt meant separating Birds in Row from Deathwish, who we have been working with for a decade. And what a decade. We owe them more than we could imagine, and are grateful they let us move on to the path we’ve chosen.”

BIRDS IN ROW have also announced a string of European dates later this year – check out the full itinerary below:




“Water Wings” Lyrics:

I drew a few steps on the first street,
Jumped to a store locals named Million Ways To Fuck It Up.
It Seems we all wish to sell ourselves to a million offers.
Dozen letters in my pocket, from people I respect, and no way to write back: Return to sender, Attention not found.
Confusing loneliness for freedom, solitude for a serum, and complaints for poetry, I fell, I failed.
I betrayed the kid I kept safe from all counterfeit hopes and all the snakes we swallow.
An aisle of silicon hands to shake and crush your throat.
Where do we go from here ?
Water wings sell like balloon shaped hopes.
Where do we go from here ?
A burden is a burden to the burdened.
They’d sell the limbless a course on how to sink with elegancy.
I took it back to the street, bought whatever they had, thought I should write down my dreams, A notebook by the bed In case I’m lucky tonight. Fantasized on how to beat regret. I’ll eventually crack it but you know me, I’ll just forget. And I almost find sleep. Pressing my eyes, watching colors, Summer for cold feet. Stains and tunnels, abstraction bores me, here no museums are free. I don’t want to be young.
I don’t want to be old enough to remember all the things I projected but never touched in fear of ruining dreams I don’t possess.
And these are dreams that I’ll never forgive.
Water wings of lead, they are dreams that I’ll never forgive.

Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
Contact via [email protected]

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