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BLACK COFFEE detail their new release

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Hailing from Houston, Texas, BLACK COFFEE was formed by Ryan Taylor in January 2011 after TITAN BLOOD and THE BURDEN both broke up. Their members have served time in multiple awesome Texas hardcore bands including YOUR MISTAKE, TEN CROWNS, and FIGHT PRETTY.

Their first 7” was recorded back in January 2012, released via Death Exclamations, and a tape version through the infamous Give Up sub-label Sister Ssound. Cult Culture will be dropping the new BLACK COFFEE tape ‘deathbirthdeath’ in early 2013, and Treaty Oak Collective will be putting out a vinyl version.

For fans of seriously pissed off, raw and unhinged hardcore-punk in the vein of NEGATIVE APPROACH, SSD and KNIFE FIGHT.

Taste it:

black coffee

black coffee cover

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