Serotonin Zero by @pawalsawicki
Serotonin Zero by @pawalsawicki
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Blackened d-beat hardcore metal beast SEROTONIN ZERO unleashes “Broken Worlds”, a vicious DIY punk manifesto

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Polish blackened metalcore band Serotonin Zero has independently released their impressive debut album “Broken Worlds.” A raw and powerful exploration of social issues, the band has teamed up with several international labels to distribute the album in various formats. Today, we delve into the making of “Broken Worlds,” its messages and inspirations, and the creative journey the band embarked on to bring their vision to life.

Serotonin Zero describes “Broken Worlds” as their first studio album, a labor of love that involved meticulous attention to detail and the recording of several demos.

“We spent a long time preparing before entering the studio, paying attention to every detail and recording a limited number of demos. The album sounds exactly as we wanted it to. We are satisfied with the result and hope that you will like it.” – comments the band.

Serotonin Zero’s “Broken Worlds” is a relentless and potent fusion of metal and hardcore that leaves an unforgettable impact. This blackened, grim creation showcases massive riffs, eerie atmospheres, and vicious tempos that perfectly blend with the hellish vocals. The album effortlessly transports listeners into an almost cinematic, horror-like realm.

“Broken Worlds” successfully melds fast, punk-infused tempos with chilling sonic landscapes, creating an immersive listening experience that is both thrilling and unnerving.

The record’s stunning artwork provides a fitting visual representation of the dark and daring music contained within. The album’s cover art was created by Rafał “Too Many Skulls.” Much like their previous release, Serotonin Zero entrusted the artist with the visual aspect, resulting in a striking and fitting design.

Serotonin Zero

The band also released a DIY music video for their single “Empty,” which was filmed at ADA Puławska squat in Warsaw. The video was a collaborative effort between the band and their friends, involving a week of physical labor, a day on set, and several sleepless nights spent on editing.

Track by Track rundown:

“To force humanity to stop” addresses the harmful impact of humanity on the planet and explores the question, “How much worse must it get for humanity to slow down?”

“Escape” is about escapism, the pursuit of happiness beyond our familiar surroundings, routines, and relationships.

“Gods of Hate” confronts the themes of hatred, violence, and the thirst for power within religious institutions.

“Broken Worlds” focuses on the migration crisis and society’s tendency to ignore the plight of those in need.

“Point of no return” and “Behind the curtain” explore turning a blind eye to problems, remaining passive, staying within our comfort zones, and self-imprisonment.

“Empty” and “Confused” deal with disappointment and feeling lost in life.

Serotonin Zero’s digital release of “Broken Worlds” took place on March 31st. The CD version is expected in April, while cassettes are anticipated to be available within a month. Vinyl versions, however, will be released toward the end of summer. The album will be available through UP the PUNX Rec. in Poland, Phobia Records in the Czech Republic, Hecatombe Records in Spain, Les Nains Aussi in France, and ANGRY VOICE Records in Germany. Berlin-based Hasiok Records will handle the cassette release.

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