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Blackened post hardcore act LAUDARE streaming new record “Have Heart, Waste Flesh”

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As teased in November, Leipzig based blackened screamo act LAUDARE are back with a brand new opus called “Have Heart, Waste Flesh”. Blending a variety of post metal, black metal, screamo, and post hardcore influences, the new record impresses with effective use of varied tempos, atmospheres, tones and levels of aggression and stands high above their peers. Definitely worth a check.

“Laudare from Leipzig, Germany has produced a work of art. Starting off as almost spoken word the album goes through post hardcore, post metal, screamo, hardcore with a dark undertone. Some of the arrangements are reminiscent of prog rock. The lyrics are excellent.” -unclestalksmusic-

Have Heart, Waste Flesh

Your head held high, your shoulders low
Your wings abandon ground and grow
From childish cheeks and a bosom so narrow
Your beauty screams, a child of sorrow

Of miracles and silent rays
Of violent grace and worthless praise
Of clotted blood and fruitless wine
Of heart and flesh put on the line
complementary parts that we shall be
God is you and me

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