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“Violent Poetry” screamo act LAUDARE release new epic track

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Right before their recent tour amazing tour in late October / early November, Leipzig based screamo act LAUDARE released a new song, their first new offering since the excellent debut “d.è.o.m.è.” that we covered last year, and another solid proof of their capabilities and an exceptional and empowering account of a band in full control of their craft. Listen to “Acoria the Indulgent” and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

“Laudare from Leipzig, Germany has produced a work of art. Starting off as almost spoken word the album goes through post hardcore, post metal, screamo, hardcore with a dark undertone. Some of the arrangements are reminiscent of prog rock. The lyrics are excellent.” -unclestalksmusic-


I parade on a needle
my idle feet dwell on a sting
since your endearment wheedles
my flattered peace into a bloodshot spring

where Narcissus and Tulips bloom
I breathe and break, first veil then groom
nursing one, cursing the other
sincerely striving from smoke into smother

prig as the sparrow stops to sing
barren as moss too tired to cling
I incessantly hound, ever rash, ever northbound
always aloof of some holier ground

I ever shiver, ever quiver
hustling hither, bustling thither
amid your loving lucid dreams
my uniqueness is arbitrary
the great indulgence, the luminary
it`s all pretending I am parching
I am starving where you feast

am I healing or annealing
are you the beauty or are you the beast?

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