BLAME IT ON THE OCEAN – “Nailed Coffin” song premiered

BLAME IT ON THE OCEAN have premiered a new song called “Nailed Coffin”.

The track comes from the band’s “From The Depths” album (StrikeDown Records).


This world has swollen me
it’s an unberable pain
that’s blurring out my eyes
feels I’m fucking blinding
and this inner war
is torturing my soul
I scream to get away
I’m choking anyway
How many times I said “never again”?
How many times?
This world has gone to shit
we’re killing it everyday
it’s time to pay the price
and no one’s fucking laughing
we’ve poisoned our lungs
intoxicated our veins
in the name of a progress
that’s leading us to our graves
How many times we said “never again?”
How many times?
This world’s a nailed coffin
They take control on what we do
Their words, their lies, are nothing new
There is no hope, we’re fucking doomed

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