Drip of Lies by Dave Mante
Drip of Lies by Dave Mante
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Bleak hardcore pack DRIP OF LIES unleash new gloomy single “Zero Connection”

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Gloom-infused hardcore outfit DRIP OF LIES has unveiled their latest haunting single, “Zero Connection.” The track addresses religion as the root cause of the countless atrocities committed throughout history by the so-called civilized world.

With an emphasis on the hypocrisy of religious leaders and institutions escaping punishment for their heinous acts, “Zero Connection” represents the band’s critical stance on all religions.

Zero Connection” was recorded in March 2023 at Santa Studio by Mikołaj Kiciak. The track was mixed and mastered by Haldor Grunberg of Satanic Audio, with production handled by both Mikołaj Kiciak and Drip of Lies.

Having spent 15 years in the hardcore scene, Drip Of Lies has toured extensively across Europe, bringing their apocalyptic sound, blending ferocious aggression, dark metal, and a bleak message.

Drip of Lies
Drip of Lies

With two full-length albums, Failure (2012) and Hell (2019), the band is gearing up for a new album release this year. Check out their other new song “Burnt Out” above and stay tuned for more!

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