Blending metalcore and cybergrind with its abrasive synths, digital hardcore act whit3corset shares inspirations behind new visceral music
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Blending metalcore and cybergrind with its abrasive synths, digital hardcore act whit3corset shares inspirations behind new visceral music

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Blending metalcore and cybergrind with its abrasive synths, blistering riffs, and a breakneck pace, “YOUR DESIGN” by Tennessee-based digital hardcore outfit whit3corset marks the first single from her upcoming album, PETRUSHKA, and comes as a rowdy suite of alienation and controlled anger. Remaining brutally primal, the track will will hurt your ears and touch your soul.

whit3corset is a Tennessee-based digital hardcore solo project helmed by Emily White. In 2022 alone, Emily has released three albums and made a name for herself in local scenes with her energetic and raw live performances.

“YOUR DESIGN” is a song about the lack of control in an abusive situation. It’s the first single from her upcoming album, PETRUSHKA, which pulls elements of the Stravinsky ballet it’s named after.

“The album is a reflection on past trauma and present fears, as well as my experiences as a trans woman.” – comments Emily.


Speaking about influences behind her new music, whit3corset gave us her top sonic inspirations with an interesting commentary behind each pick.


SOPHIE was one of my earliest exposures to trans art. Her music is euphoric and devastating. The atmosphere she creates is absolutely breathtaking on tracks like “Whole New World / Pretend World” and “L.O.V.E.”. I discovered her music in middle school when the PC Music scene was starting to gain traction and it continues to draw me in to this day.

Street Sects

In high school, I managed to catch Street Sects at two house shows. Their performances are very intimate and not for the faint of heart. Street Sects shows utilize thick fog and disorienting strobe lights in a staggering way and you never know where Leo Ashline is until he’s right in front of you. They were the first performers I saw that crossed the line between where the stage ends and the audience begins. Seeing Street Sects definitely helped me figure out who I want to be as a performer. End Position and Kicking Mule are both great records that I kept on repeat.

Laura Les

Laura’s SoundCloud releases helped me realize my gender identity as a trans woman. The lyrics to “How to Dress As Human” resonated with me a lot and still do.

Becoming comfortable with yourself and who you really are is very scary and takes a lot of processing, and I’m glad I had her music to help me through it.


Orchid’s music is like a fireball of energy. Chaos Is Me was my first introduction to skramz and led me down a rabbit hole to bands like Usurp Synapse, Combatwoundedveteran, and Jerome’s Dream. I used to scream along to “Epilogue of a Car Crash” and “Tigers” when nobody was home to practice vocals.

Animal Collective

Animal Collective’s work proudly waves a freak flag. Their music is very chaotic and playful while also grounding itself emotionally with more personal reflections. Spirit is a perfect album in my eyes, even with all its rough edges. It influenced me to go out and buy a mixer and learn how to make noise.

The Beach Boys

I’m not a big fan of the early surf rock material or their late career material, but their mid-60’s to early 70’s output is amazing. Brian Wilson’s compositions are genius. Surf’s Up ends with three songs he wrote and it’s the peak of the record, especially “A Day In The Life of a Tree”. Smiley Smile is an odd record but its authentic weirdness is inspirational. Brian’s material is very raw and discombobulated which made me think more outside of the box when approaching recording and structuring songs.


Liz Harris’s music is hauntology encapsulated. I remember foggy mornings in the car listening to Ruins and Dragging A Dead Deer Up A Hill. Her music provides a sense of peace and tranquility, which is a feeling I’ve been wanting my own music to move towards so diving more into her work has definitely helped me get in the right headspace.

Xiu Xiu

Xiu Xiu’s music is raw and unashamedly queer. A Promise is definitely a keystone album in my life. Jamie’s lyrics are very personal and voyeuristic, like I’m listening to something that I’m not supposed to. Xiu Xiu’s music is an emotional gut punch and their sound only makes each blow harder than the last.

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