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Baltimore stoner noise rockers KNUB drop new video – new split wit Brain Cave coming up on Hex Records!

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The BRAIN CAVE / KNUB split marks the next edition in the ongoing Hex Records split 12” series pairing bands not necessarily directly part of the label, but putting together great out-of-the-box ideas for creative packaging and rock music experimentation. Today, we’re pleased to give you the newest music video for “The Sift”, of one the new KNUB tracks featured on the split, now spiced up with a great new visualizer directed by Rick Barnwell from RFBV Films.

First was the Great Falls / Great Sabatini split that contained letterpressed cover artwork and a laser-etched B-side, and then came the wild split between Child Bite and Multicult containing some of the most intense screenprinting work we’ve ever seen, care of the Child Bite fellas. And now we got two of the most exciting new bands to emerge – BRAIN CAVE and KNUB – laying down gigantic slabs of rock housed in a screenprinted jacket with an Obi strip to keep it all together and fancy looking.

Knub and Brain Cave split

Hailing from Cleveland, BRAIN CAVE have been exceptionally prolific in their relatively brief time together, releasing several singles as well as a killer full length. This continues their fierce pace of releases and more post-hardcore heaviness that shifts between melody and fuzzy riffs played as loud as possible with shouted vocals keeping them rooted in basements packed with sweaty kids and questionable odors. The trio blur the line between all-out aggression and a dedication to songcraft, melody, and riffs.


KNUB are old heads in a new band currently sinking the city of Baltimore into the Chesapeake Bay as a result of the seismic riffs they’re creating. They dropped a demo last year and I’m still recovering from it. They completely nail those enormous Helmet riffs worthy of “Meantime” and then polish them with the seasoned production and catchy songwriting of “Aftertaste”. Yes, a perfect world can exist. Add to that a singer with a set of pipes potentially lifted from a church organ and you get the huge sounds of Knub that makes you full-body headbang to the riffs and then curse them for how stupid catchy it all is. How can this dichotomy exist? Search beneath the flooding streets of Baltimore and you’ll find out.

“Ben came up with the initial idea for the video after a weekend binging on Maker’s Mark and Rofo chicken tendies.” – comments the band.

“Inspired by Dave and Nick both navigating the abyss that is internet dating, he thought we’d all match with a serial killer. Rick (RFBVFilms) felt this idea would be too complex for three and a half minutes and a shoestring budget, so he suggested the obsessed fan angle: Every band has a Number One Fan… You know, the one who’s maybe a little too obsessive. Like Kathy Bates in Misery, sometimes that fandom can turn ugly, even violent. Luckily for him, James Caan was able to escape with his life. But will KNUB?”

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