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Blink-182 becomes the main theme in new hit single from emo revival act YOUR BROKEN HERO

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Your Broken Hero, led by Matt Cutshall, also known as the Emo’s Not Dead guy, has released a new hilarious single and music video called “blink182“.

Matt’s primary goal in forming the band is to produce fresh emo music that does justice to his favorite genre. He is committed to keeping the emo spirit alive.

Thanks to the support of the community, Your Broken Hero has achieved a significant milestone in their crowdfunding project. The band has successfully self-funded $250,000 towards their debut album, a feat that is rarely seen in the music industry.

This accomplishment allows the band to create their art without the oversight and restrictions of a record label. They can now make decisions about their music and videos independently, and focus on producing content that will resonate with their fans.

Your Broken Hero is currently working on their next music video, which features a guest appearance by an iconic figure. With only three days remaining in the project, Your Broken Hero is still gaining momentum and is urging fans to spread the word and support their Emo’s Not Dead movement by backing the project before it concludes on March 12th. The band is grateful for the support they have received so far and are excited to continue creating the best album ever.

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