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BODY COUNT – “Murder 4 Hire” DVD streaming in full

BODY COUNT‘s 2004 DVD entitled “Murder 4 Hire” is streaming in its entirety below. 

Murder 4 Hire movie was released Apr 26, 2005 by the Intermedia Video studio. The band’s 2004 reunion tour is not to be missed! The band’s bangin’ set, captured in it’s uncensored entirety, from the hottest nights on their recent nationwide tour including their Warped Toue appearance in San Francisco.

The DVD includes the following songs: In The House, Voodoo, KKK Bitch, Killin Floor, Evil Dick, Body Count, Surviving The Game, There Goes The Neighborhood, Bring It To Pain, Bowels Of The Devil, Momma’s Gotta Die Tonight and Cop Killer.

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