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Bordeaux hardcore pack NO MATTER WHAT premiere debut track “Pure Strength”, feat. Drew York (Stray From The Path)

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Drew York from Stray From The Path has joined the ranks of NO MATTER WHAT, new French hardcore band from Bordeaux. The new single is called “Pure Strength” and you can rock it right here!

“Musically our influences are very varied, we listen to a lot of different stuff, from hardcore to hip hop, pop, rock, electronic music and so on.” – comments the band.

“Our main influences are bands like Hatebreed, Sworn Enemy, First Blood or Lionheart, we love hardcore mixed with metal with a very sharp guitar tone and heavy breakdowns and also a catchy chorus.”

Asked about their visual identification and colorful image, they admit: “Visually we wanted to propose something different than a lot of hardcore bands. We really like sports brands and colorful pictures/videos like the channel Colors Show on YouTube for exemple. We’re not tough guys, we’re not from the street, so we wanted to go away from this aesthetic. We’re simple guys with 9 to 5 jobs trying to share our energy and our message to the most people we can.”

No Matter What

Hardcore really influenced our lives, I discovered it when I was a teenager and it helped me going through hard times, it gave me the motivation to be a better person and to surpass myself into the things I love. It’s important for us to spread that message : don’t give up, fight for your rights, don’t let anyone disrespect you, and use the hard times of life to build a better version of yourself.”

“We hope that using a different visual esthetic will help to get new people into hardcore, as it’s not that easy to get into heavy music when you’re not used to. But once you discover the power and the meaning of this music, it can be a life changing revelation.”

No Matter What

NO MATETR WHAT have an album coming out at the end of the year, the beginning of 2023 tops. They have a music video in the making and they are looking to tour as much as they can so don’t hesitate to hit them up at [email protected] for any booking request.

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Back again in this cold cold world
Trapped again in this corrupted society
Same shit, just different days
Now I know I don’t belong here

Forever pissed off, by the same stories
Things aren’t the way they are meant to be
Never give up, never back down
This fight is never ending

Pure fucking strength
Never back down
Pure fucking strength
Will break them down
Pure fucking strength
For the ethics
Pure fucking strength
My way of life

Couldn’t care less about your ideas
Got friends got music got a family
No more rats on my way
Ain’t got no time for what they say
Fuck all the snakes
Fuck all the fools, fuck all the fakes
Pure strength paves our way, we remain riled and strong at the end of the day

Fuck all the fakes
Ain’t got time for what they say

I said it before, I’ll say it again, what breaks them down ?
Pure fucking strength

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