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BORN FROM PAIN interviewed by Some Will Never Know Zine

Some Will Never Know Zine recently conducted an interview with Rob from BORN FROM PAIN.

First of all 15 years Born From Pain. Did you ever think the band would come this far and where there moments you wanted to quit the band altogether. If so what has kept you moving on?

We never thought we would tour the world, record 7 releases, sell 10.000s of albums and play huge festivals when we started out 15 years ago . We started doing the band because we wanted to play a heavy brand of hardcore. Because our favorite bands were (and are) Merauder, Hatebreed, Stigmata and All Out War. We wanted to play like them and sound like them. We always played out a lot though so over the years we created a name for ourselves and got offered chances we never dreamed of when starting out.

I never had a moment where I really wanted to quit. I’m not a quitter kind of person. The band is and has always been my baby so you don’t just quit on that. What keeps me moving on is that I see that we still love what we do, develop our sound, have sick shows, get offers we can’t refuse and on top of that have a real good time doing it!

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BORN FROM PAIN – “The New Future”:

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