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3 years after our interview for IDIOTEQ, Canadian raw hardcore band BORN WRONG is back with some bitter-sweet news. The band has just released their debut full length, but the sorrowful part is that it’s their final one. Recorded in May of 2015 the LP includes 11 tracks that mirror the tone and velocity of the previous “Art District” EP but with an even more stripped down, unhinged, and unapologetic disposition. While the driving, tone-heavy riffs are coupled with a relentless back line bringing to mind the character of POISON IDEA, CURSED, and more contemporary acts like THE IMPALERS, there remains a disoriented and somewhat manic composition to the song structures that connects the band to the likes of AMDI PETERSENS ARME or REGULATIONS. We sat down with the band’s vocalist Scott Paige to ask about the details behind their break-up, the new record and their plans for the future. Play it loud and read the full interview below.

Grab “Born Wrong” via Schizophrenic Records at this location. The pressing includes 300 total records with 3 alternate vinyl colours for each 100 records and the front cover, back cover, obi, and 20″X16” poster hand in each copy was screen printed by the band. A limited edition includes their original 10” record with one side screen printed. This is the 4th release by the band on the label.

Top photo by Jamie Heim, Golden Tea house in Philedelphia, PA, October 2013.

Hey there guys! How are you? Thanks so much for checking back here on IDIOTEQ. How are you? How have you been since our last chat in 2013? Why did you dub your new LP ‘final’? What triggered your decision to call it quits?

Things were pretty busy from 2013 on. We kept touring the U.S. and had plans to do a European tour that fell through because of scheduling etc. As for calling it quits… our van blew up which was a total stress financially and complete debilitating in terms of continuing to tour. We recorded the LP and were taking the pressing time to just relax and be apart for the first time in years. The European label that was putting out the record totally dropped the ball and we were left guessing as to a release date or if the record was even coming out. Schizophrenic Records came through to press a small, and consequently super expensive, run of the LP which we were going to do 10 or so shows for before the band finished… but we basically had not played a show in over a year and it seemed a bit too “reunion” like. A few “scheduling” problems came up and we could never hold down a bass player for more than 3 months. In the end we just didn’t really want to do it anymore. Wasn’t worth the headache. We just passed the headache on to Craig at Schizophrenic Records.

What was the most satisfying thing about running this band? What are you going to miss?

I’m sure well all miss touring. That was basically the whole reason the band even put out records. It was an excuse to put off growing up for a few more years. That being said I feel like we were always super excited to have releases come out. We would constantly be calling texting and emailing about art ideas, show ideas, stuff to include, and of course where to tour next. To step back a minute… I think that’s when I knew the band was done… the record was coming out… and we just weren’t excited together as a band about what should have been our most satisfying moment.. the “full length” the big deal… the show haha.

KOKO BLUE – Mouchette from Southern Souls on Vimeo.

What was the least satisfying part of running BORN WRONG? Does this break-up feel liberating, in a way?

Not to be overdramatic… but the least satisfying part of the band was just not being friends anymore in the sphere of the band. I think I speak for everyone when I say it’s a huge weight off of everyone’s shoulders. We were basically in the band for ourselves… with the illusion that it was for people listening to the records hahaha…. it became a chore and then everything cool about the band was gone.


Ok, so can you talk about the writing and recording process of “Born Wrong”?

We found our sound with Brian Wirth on the Art District EP in my opinion. We went back to him and I couldn’t be happier. Brandon and I even convinced him to mix the toms way too loud in the mix to fuck with everyone. I’ve never been more stoked on something that I’ve been on. Plus I got to record guitar for the first time since our s/t 7”. As for writing… We just ripped off wiccans and kremlin… it’s so obvious it hurts.

Regarding the lyrical content, is there an overall theme or exit message that goes along with the record?

It’s a lot of the same themes as the other records. Obviously the final track “how will I survive” was indicative of knowing the band was going to likely be over after this record … without the song being about anything related to the band. A ton of white male gaze reflection as usual… speaking my mind while understanding where I fit in the larger scheme of things. Also a bit of critiquing some of the past political and social views of both myself and folks who I usually gel with. the most jaded record for sure. To step back again… the lyrics were written at a pretty low point in my life… lost funding for work, band was dying, and some relationships ending… the record coming out as the last record was a nice way to just leave that in the past. hahaha what a contrived answer.


The last time we talked you mentioned some outside-band activities like working with some community organizations, youth programs, photography. Personally, what are your goals in this new post-BORN WRONG era?

Yeah, CJ is a videographer if that’s the word? He’s doing great work… he’s really into it and seems to have found his passion in that medium. I’m finishing up school and working as a community worker still predominantly with youth… and Brandon’s a wood working machine laying down roots. I can’t speak for all of our bass players because I just can’t type that much.


Ok guys, thanks so much for your quick update. Feel free to add your last words and take care! Be sure to let me know about your future projects if you decide to launch one.

Brandon plays drums in SCRAPHEAT. Cj plays bass in BLACK BARON, and I’m playing drums in X45.

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