Boston’s ALERT breaks up! (2008-2012)

Massachusetts straight edge hardcore punk band ALERT have decided to part their ways. The band released a demo 7″ via Life to Live Records and “Find Your Way” 7” via Six Feet Under Records.

The band issued the following statement:

Hey everyone, we would like to announce that we have broken up. It was a good 4 year run and we have met some amazing people and had some equally amazing experiences. Thanks to anyone who has ever helped us book a tour/show and let us sleep on their floor. Big thanks to Dan LTL Records and Dave Sausage SFU Records for putting out our records.

A few members of Alert have a new band called Violence To Fade, they are great and have a total late 80’s NYHC feel to them, check them out! Also check out Our Side (BBB Records) and Caught In A Crowd(React! Records). Again I would like to express our sincere gratitude to anyone who has ever helped us along the way.

Sincerely; Mike and Alert XXX

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